Yes Mistress! - Short Erotic Story

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Graham was a high powered executive in the city. He had had a very fortunate start to life. Private education, best university education. His father was very powerful in the business world, so Graham got the perfect job, where he soon rose to a high position. It was fast paced in the city and he had just landed a big deal in Canary Wharf. He was so used to bossing people around. He was ruthless and sometimes he had reduced his staff to tears. His father was an uncompromising figure and Graham was coming to the sad realization that the person he least wanted to emulate; he was fat becoming. He bossed people about. lectured staff for hours. Everybody was on eggshells. The power kept him going but was slowly eating away at him inside.

Graham needed something in his life to re-address the balance. He wanted to be on the other end of the spectrum. So he decided to book a VIP mistress. The most expensive and sought after dominatrix Mistress in the capital. She was a stunning, blonde, slightly mature English lady who was in her thirties but had the body of a 21 year old. She was very unforgiving and provided a domination service to some of the top businessmen in the country. It was an incall appointment in Chelsea. It was out of the way from where he lived or worked, so it was a very handy, discreet rendezvous. As he arrived the Mistress (Simone) opened her door. As he walked in and removed his bowler hat and placed it on the table, Simone gave him a very uncompromising smile. "You think you are all that?" she snapped. "How dare you come in to by palace and start doing what you feel like", she said. Mistress Simone got is bowler hat, threw it on the floor and crushed it with her 6 inch heels. Now sit down and shut up, you creep, she bellowed. Graham was taken aback, but loved the fact she seemed to take no shit and had no regard for him whatsoever. He felt for just a few seconds, contemplated even, what his staff must have felt like. Mistress Simone told him to unzip his flies and take out his cock. Graham mumbled something. "Now" she screamed at him. Graham a little taken aback but very aroused, unzipped and took out his cock. Now wank yourself while reciting " I am a worthless, little man. Graham was thinking this is a bit odd. "Do it" screamed Mistress Simone. Graham looked at his cock, grasped it n his hand and began to slowly wank. Mistress Simone was not impressed. 2You hold your cock like a wimp" she laughed. You are not all an are you. The suit is for show, the hat is for show. When it comes down to it, you can't even hold your cock like a man. You hold it like you unsure. You hold it like a spineless fool. Graham was taken aback, even a bit pissed off. However was this just part of the play or had Mistress Simone hit a very, intelligent nerve. He couldn't even hold his dick with any confidence. Yet he was the one barking out all the orders. The bug player in the business world. He was standing there with a limp cock.

Now wank yourself off and say I am a worthless little man. Mistress Simone, removed her blouse and dress and stood in a very sexy, revealing leather outfit. Her 36DD breasts gave Graham a huge erection. He was so aroused. Mistress Simone was fondling her tits, laughing at Graham. " You dickhead" she said with a snarling laughter. Graham began wanking furiously. "I am a worthless, little man" he kept reciting. Mistress Simone was gyrating and fondling her breasts with increased vigour. Graham was so tuned on. He tugged his cock, faster and faster. "I am a worthless little man" he kept saying faster and faster. Mistress Simone's 36DD breasts looked so juicy as she fondled them, up, down and around. Graham was reaching climax. "I am a worthless, little .... aghhhhhh" he groaned as he shot out two loads of cum onto the floor of Mistress Simone's floor.

"You really are a worthless little man" she laughed. She threw him some tissue and pointed to the bin. He cleaned up all his cum and threw the tissues in the bin. "Now, fuck off, "snarled Mistress Simone. Graham turned and left an envelope on the coffee table. He wanted to say goodbye but Mistress Simone had her back turned to him.

As he left and walked down Kings Road, Chelsea, he had 45 minutes to get to his next meeting. Deep down he questioned his worth. Was he the big dick around town? Was he just a lucky worthless guy?


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