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I am a civil servant and have lived a very straight forward, boring life you could say. I have not had in luck in the relationship department. A few girlfriends, but they all fizzled out and ended up leaving me for somebody else. Being slightly overweight and bald does not make you a hunk, that attracts ladies. Admittedly I had lost my confidence over the years and when I hit 40, I just resigned myself to the fact that I will be alone and no women would ever be interested in me. I needed something to get the spark back in my life. Just one day where I could have the confidence3 to go to a bar after work instead of going home and having dinner for one in front of the TV. I decided to book an escort from a local escort agency I had seen on the internet. I live in Waterloo and the area is quite busy in the evening. I just walk past bars and restaurants thinking it would be nice if I had somebody to go with. On their escort agency website I browsed their gallery and found a lovely blonde English GFE escort. I made a booking enquiry and set up a date for Friday evening.

I had never gone on a date with any escort in Waterloo .... well any escort in general. I was keeping it simple. I just wanted some company after work so I could go to a trendy bar for some after work drinks. When we met up, I was in awe of just how smart and beautiful she was. A GFE escort provides what you call, the "girlfriend experience". This English lady had a perfectly shaped body and she was so sincere and attentive to me. We had a fantastic time. I had a few glasses of wine and she opted for soft drinks, which was nice, as it showed she was really professional. I did order us a meal and we had so much fun talking. It then hit me, that I was actually a really interesting person with really interesting things to say. This beautiful GFE escort in Waterloo had opened up my eyes to the fact that I am too hard on myself and have lost too much confidence over the years.

At the end of my date I thanked her for her time and companionship. I now have more confidence. I still book escorts in Waterloo. GFE escorts are the best as they provide a really genuine girlfriend experience, where you feel special and wanted.

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