After Work Drinks Escorts

If you have given up your New Years Resolution for 2017 in reards to drining - the celebrate. Some gentlemen lead very busy work orientated lifestyles. They work beyond nine to five and this leaves them very little time for a social life or to make new friends. They may feel lacking or they are missing out on all the social fun people are having, as they walk past bars after work, seeing everybody having a good time, but them. This can make them feel more lonely. If only they had a companion to hang out with after work and just relax with a few drinks and enjoy some wonderful conversation. Well they can with our new after work drinks escorts. They provide companionship for businessmen who want some company going to a trendy wine bar or pub. Your lady is the perfect social companion and loves socialising in such a manner. You can just imagine yourself on a Friday evening; instead of being the one walking past the bars by themselves wishing they had a social life. You will be the guy walking into the bar with a beautiful lady by your side and you will feel happy inside.

Featured Escorts (Kiera, Anita & Paige)

Kiera - Busty Mixed Race EscortAnita - Busty Portuguese EscortPaige -VIP Mixed Race Escort

These fabulous ladies love socialising at the most swanky bars. They dress to impress in the most fashionable attire. Real 'eye candy' their natural beauty is so powerful and evident. Possessing such fun personalities they are excellent at light hearted conversation and are discreet. They may indulge in a glass of wine or champagne but drink responsibly. As you can see they have perfect figures so they do not drink that much alcohol. Healthy diets and regular gym workouts are their priorities in life. However they are so much fun to be around. Their favourites bars are found in the Central London area. (from left to right) Kiera is a sensationally sexy, sophisticated mixed race lady who is very stylish. She has a powerful elegance and self confidence, and is accustomed to socialising in very posh environments. If you are big city banker celebrating a bonus or promotion, then why not invite her to a mini celebration you are holding. You may be so rich that you want to buy the most expensive bottle of champagne in London. Who better to have a glass with than this stunning lady. Anita is one of the hottest Portuguese beauties who is a real sweetheart. She has a stunning figure and looks hot in any dress she wears. You may be stressed after a tough day at work and be fed up being around glum people. Her company is like a breath of fresh air. Her lovely sense of humour and sexy, yet classy dress sense will cheer you up. Paige is a very beautiful, petite mixed race lady who is one of the most romantic, fun dates in London. She has a really fun, friendly personality and provides exciting company that can cheer you up. She is a very adventurous lady with a great sense of humour and the perfect smile. Paige knows how to get the party atmosphere started. So maybe you want to go out, have fun and go to the most lively bars. Even better when you are with a very lively person.


Important Service Rules:

  1. As your escort is providing a professional service your escort may refrain from drinking alcohol. However they may indulge in non alcoholic cocktails or soft drinks.
  2. If you become excessively drunk on this escort date, then the escort has every right to end the date.
  3. As the client you will have to pay for all drinks service charges and bar snacks / food.
  4. If there are an entry fees to enter bars, the client will have to pay for the entry fee for the escort.
  5. If you are planning from going from bar to bar, ensure they are in very close proximity of each other and do not require a massive journey.

This is one of the most popular outcall services that this agency provides. There are so many tired, stressed out businessmen and women in the capital who after a long week at work simply want to unwind. This could be going to their local trendy bar or club. However the mundane sets in and going out with work colleagues means that they end up talking about work - the very thing they are trying to escape from. What they need is some light hearted, fun loving, beautiful company. Our London escorts provide just that. you can go for a few cocktails or glasses of wine after a hard day at the office. Enjoy flirtatious and fun conversation. You will be so lucky to be out on a date with them. All eyes on you as everybody is wondering who that stunning lady you are with is.