Booking A VIP Escort

There are many escort agencies and independents (especially in London); and the pick of the bunch are the ones who showcase VIP escort services. These ladies are amongst the most captivating, breathtakingly stunning and naturally beautiful women on the planet. You are just taken aback in awe because they are so attractive. Possessing the most fantastic figures they all look like top models and certainly get a lot of male attention. They are used to socialising at the top, trendy places where celebrities, socialites and VIP's like to hang out. Again they get so much attention with men treating them to champagne and trying to get them to go on a date. Theses ladies deem themselves so highly as they have so much confidence. Their time and companionship is golden, so rarely they gift that to gentlemen freely. So in order to enjoy their company you have to do it in the format of a VIP escort booking. This is not your typical escort booking as not just any gentleman can qualify as clientele. You have to have certain credentials about yourself. They love to shop in the most exclusive of London districts so you will see them in Knightsbridge - shopping for the finest high fashion clothing / accessories

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Here are a few aspects of booking a VIP escort:

- The Perfect VIP Gentleman

Not everybody can book a VIP escort; especially in London. You have to qualify as an affluent, charismatic and rich gentleman to do so. If you are a rich overseas businessman, socialite or even celebrity, then you are perfect clientele. Agencies and independents ensure the pedigree of the person booking the service. On the most basic level it is to ensure the escort is in high class company and also the client can afford her time and companionship.

- Hotel / Dinner Reservations

The more exclusive your reservation, the more chance you can book a VIP escort. If you are taking your escort date out to dinner then booking a table at a top London restaurant looks better then saying you are going out for a pizza and a beer. Also if you are visiting London, then if you are staying at a 5 star hotel, it looks better then staying at a cheap bed and breakfast. It is to do with your lifestyle and how lavish it is. If you don't have that lavish lifestyle how can you impress your VIP London escort?

- Being A Long Standing Escort Client

If you have been a client with an agency for a long time, then they may give you special escort agency membership and access to booking more elite escorts. This obviously is down to how many successful bookings you have had and if your conduct on dates has been impeccable.

- Rich Lifestyle

You have to have the rich lifestyle to enable escort agencies and top independents to take you seriously. Having that lifestyle means you have access to the top places to socialise and party. These beauties are used to that type of lifestyle and won't compromise to experience anything less.

If you require the most mesmerising, classy and lavish companionship, then a VIP escort is your ideal date.