Escorts And Domination Services

The escort market is very diverse and you will find many niches and categories. One of the most popular are companions who provide domination services. Dominatrix escorts are very popular, especially in London. Many gentlemen into that scene like to embark on companionship services that have a domination edge or provide a specific domination service. Some escorts have learnt the art of domination, just so they can be part of that niche and provide an extra dimension to their service to attract a wider demographic of clientele. Enfield escorts are known for their wide range of fetish, role play and fantasy escort services. If you have that kinky side you then, there are many exciting escort date experiences available to you. Here is a look at some.

1) BDSM Escorts - You'll find some city professionals like to book dates with escorts who specialist in light bondage, light domination and light spanking.

2) Fetish - Confident sexy women who love to wear fetish clothing with includes rubber, leather and PVC. They can get very demanding at times.

3) Strict Female Boss (Role Play) - The ultimate role play escort service where you have to meet the very strict and sexy demands of your female boss for the day.

4) Escort Mistresses - Be expected to lavish them with gifts and trying to keep them happy at all times. You will have to worship the very ground they walk on.

5) Dominatrix Escorts - They provide the ultimate in domination services. Click the banner to find out more about the service.

Domination Services