Independent Escorts In London

When it comes to discreet escort companionship; the symbolic representation of this has always been the 'independent' escort. Over the past year there has been a significant rise in the number of escorts in the UK capital. Independent escorts are individuals that provide escort services (companionship services) to people who require company for various social and personal reasons. An independent escort works independently and is not promoted by an escort agency or any third party. London is the vibrant capital of the UK and has the highest concentration of escort services and especially independent escorts in the country. Due to the recent recession, many people have been made redundant or lost their jobs due to company cut backs or closures. So you find many professionals, especially females who used to have dynamic business careers are turning to escorting as a means for an income. An independent will usually use the internet as a way to promote their escort service. The internet has such a wide coverage and it provides an easy to use and discreet way for people to look for escorts and also people to promote themselves as escorts. There has also been a rise in the number of university students who have started escorting to clear their massive debts. Now universities are wise to escort agencies trying to recruit these young ladies. However they are given an incentive enough to pursue some research about becoming an escort. They understand that they don't need to work for an agency but can be an independent.

Escort Work In London

Independent escorts range from age, body type, services and also price. The most prestigious independent escorts usually live in the most affluent areas of central London. The VIP companions tend to live in the most luxurious of apartments and shop in the most expensive stores. London has the most diversity when it comes to independent escorts; far greater than any other city in the UK. New EU travel guidelines mean that it is easier for people to travel throughout Europe. Many escorts from other European countries are flocking to London to work as an escort. This has led to the rise in the number of escort adverts and listings. Websites like AdultWork are becoming more and more popular for these ladies, who don't need their own website, but simply a profile with their pictures and contact details. The rates are becoming lower and lower as new escorts price their services sometimes nearly half of their competitors. On escort message boards and forums there has been many a discussion about how the influx of these types of escorts into the capital are making it harder for the longer, established independents.

Websites For Independents

Escorts usually have their own escort website to showcase information about themselves, photos, their rates and contact details. The variation in quality is so evident. Not many escorts have flashy, designed websites any more. There are escort web design companies that provide template driven websites that are content managed. So websites in the market tend to all look the same for independent escorts in London. There are also some websites offering free websites. In return the website has to carry a promotion of their company etc

The Diversity In London

There are so many types of companions, as explained as before. Below is a more in depth guide into the great diversity there is.

  • (Nationalities) - Brazilian, English, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Irish, Welsh, British, Portuguese, South African, Indian, Black, Asian, Oriental, South American, Australian and American. You'll notice just by looking around on the web, escorts of Eastern European origin, are certainly the most common foreign escort type in the capital. South American escorts are certainly on the rise as well. Central London sees many VIP Brazilian escorts charging top rates for companionship.
  • (Escort Services) - Incall, outcall, GFE, dominatrix, fetish, couples, escort duo, high class, elite, role play, lesbian, adventurous, fantasy, uniform, dinner date and party girl.
  • (Escort Types) - Blonde, brunette, redhead, tall, slim, mixed race, busty, super busty, curvy, BBW and mature.
  • Independent Escort Earnings

    The normal prices for incalls and outcalls start from £110 for the first hour. Some services like VIP, elite or dominatrix can be up to £250 per hour. Some escorts have rates as low as between £50 -£80 per hour. They tend to be new to the market, do not have their own website and solely list themselves on escort directories. If they worked for an agency they would have to give up to 25% of their earnings to them. So by working for themselves, there is a financial incentive and reward involved. They have to remember the hours they work and keep a record of their earnings. There has been a few occasions the media has reported where escorts have not been forthcoming with tax. There are some independents who actively avoid paying it. Which is wrong; they should pay the tax they owe. With many earning up to £1000 a night; they are often in receipt of huge sums of cash per week. One case highlighted last year was reported in the online media. A student studying at the University of Westminster made £300,000. She did so to fund her university degree. However she did not pay any tax. Read the Telegraph article on this. It is reported she was told to pay back over £170,000 in unpaid tax.

    Joining An Agency

    Some London who are struggling for clientele and bookings often end up joining an agency. Agencies showcase them on their website and take a percentage of the booking fee. There are some escorts that end up "stealing" clients from agencies and doing more bookings on the side. So sometimes agencies are very reluctant to take them on. Sometimes you find reported on message boards and forums, agencies warning other agencies about escorts who work for a bit and never pay them the commission. Some just work for a week to make as much money and then never contact the agency again. To boost their bookings many sign up to advertise on directories. They can add a profile that includes pictures, contact information, a website link and some descriptive text about their service. UK Adult Search showcases a wide range of London Escorts, strippers and dominatrix mistresses.