Texas Man Acquitted After Shooting Escort

A story that has featured in many online websites of major tabloids is about a man from Texas been acquitted after shooting an escort. The man in question is named as Ezekiel Gilbert, aged 30. The incident happened on December 24th, 2009, when he met up with an escort from Craigslist. The lady in question was Lenora Frago. The incident has been reported as a dispute over the man making a payment and the escort not providing service. In this case the it was a sexual, not a companionship only service that was agreed. Ezekiel Gilbert was under the understanding that sex was part of the service. The shooting is reported as not being an intentional action to kill the lady but to recover the money he deemed unlawfully taken from him.

This looked to be an outcall service as the lady had an escort driver. Ezekiel Gilbert is reported to of have confronted the driver and argued about a sexual service not been provided for the $150 escort booking fee. The driver and escort were reported to be confronted with an assault rifle and tried to escape the scene. That is when shots were fired and Lenora Frago was hit in the neck. She did not die at the scene but spent months in hospital in intensive care where she later died.

This trial and verdict has had seen many opinions within the escort community and debates over the past couple of days. Where some people see the and understand that not all escort services in America provide sexual services and companionship only, that it is a fatal misunderstanding with fatal consequences. Where there are so much violence against escorts in the market, to some it is just another example of it. Others see it as a case of illegal escort agencies duping money out of customers; sometimes that happens.

It's 2017 and violence against escorts in America has continued. There has to be widespread awareness about safety. Also there has to be a big clampdown on illegal escort agencies and a tougher stance against human trafficking.

As more and more escorts have read and debate this story, for them - the jury is still out.