Never Disrespect Your Escort

Everybody has the right to be treated with respect and escorts are no exception. There is a lot of stigma connected to escorts, often for the wrong reasons. There are definitely grey areas where people use the term escort loosely for so many other different things. However regardless of that fact, everybody deserves respect. If you are embarking on an escort date for the first time, the first golden rule is to never disrespect them. There are so many occurrences and stories of clients who are drunk, disorderly and abusive. In the most severe cases escorts have suffered violence against them; sometimes appalling levels. If you are going to meet your escort you need to ensure you have your own personal code of conduct on how you interact with them. First and foremost you have to understand that you are equal, you are not the boss of them and they have a right to an opinion, just as you do. Here is a concise guide on how to and how not to, conduct yourself:

No Violence Against Escorts

It should really go without saying, but it represents the sorry state of the planet when you have to advice people to not be violent. Any form of violence is not tolerated. Physical or verbal abuse and threatening behavior is not acceptable. Escorts are encouraged to report such extreme behavior to the relevant authorities. Some escorts feel they can not as they may not be taken seriously or feel ashamed. They should always be encouraged to report such incidents. This does not "come with the territory" and anybody with that mind-set should not be using escort services of any kind.

Drunk Escort Clients

There is no harm in having a drink, if you are doing so responsibly. However being really drunk is a huge difference. Nobody wants to be on a date with a drunk person. Often their behavior can be irrational, unpredictable and with heightened emotions. Your escort will feel really uncomfortable. If you are a true gentleman you will not want to offend your escort in any way, shape or form. You will want to conduct yourself in a respectable manner, be coherent and attentive. Drunkenness os not a good look and often you could end up injuring yourself as you don't have full control over your actions. If you turn up drunk, then the escort has every right to cancel the booking there and then.

Personal Hygiene

Nobody wants to socialise or be around somebody who is scruffy or smelly. If you are going to meet a Central London escort for example, then you will be in very affluent surroundings. Euston is a very trendy and business orientated place. Just imagine if you turned up looking a mess and stinking of perspiration. You will put everybody you come into contact with off. Also expect rude comments from strangers as well to be the normal reaction. Apart from being very off putting, you will also be very embarrassing. Fresh breath, clean, smart clothes and a fresh scent is what is needed. If your escort is very romantic then


There is nothing worse than being late when meeting somebody - especially if it is for the first time. It can appear rude, especially if you do not notify them of running late. You will upset the escort and can disrupt their schedule for the day. However many escorts and agencies have late fees, so it does not pay to be late. It will cost you an apology and some late fees.

The bottom line is to be the perfect gentleman and you will hopefully meet the perfect lady. If you show respect, you often get respect in return.