Social Media Problems & Escorts

Thought Of The Day: Do you think all social media platforms should ban escorts?

2017 has crazily seen some websites, that people class as sexist, wrongly outing some people as escorts. This came about due to some posts of people on Instagram showing some people living luxury lifestyles. So some people assumed they could only live that lifestyle through escorting. Read the article online that talks more about this subject. Social media is quite a new thing on the web. However it has spread like wildfire and nearly everyone who uses the internet regularly has some form of facebook or twitter account. Many people use it to connect with friends and find people who they have lost touch with. Businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. Many find that it helps market their business and connect with their customers. So there is no surprise that escorts and escort agencies have seen this opportunity to also take advantage of. Many agencies and independents have facebook and twitter accounts. They post a wide range of information, sometimes including service updates and pictures. The problem is for many that they are not age restricted and many young people can access the information, content and sites.

There has been many articles talking about this very subject about Twitter usage in the escort community. The big question is if everybody can use it, is it right to discriminate against escorts. There are arguments for and arguments against. Some people feel that there should be certain measures to incorporate so they can use social media. While others think they shouldn't and should be banned from using it as a medium to showcase themselves. It has prove a very lucrative method for independent escorts advertising their escort services. Some escort agencies even use it as a medium for recruiting new escorts.

Interesting Facts

  1. The number of facebook and twitter accounts made by escorts has sharply rose over the past year. 2017 will see it peak due to even more people choosing to become escorts.
  2. The leading agencies tend to "tweet" everyday and maintain their "tweeting" regularly throughout the year.
  3. Many escorts and agencies have a huge number of twitter followers. Some have thousands of followers and those numbers grow daily.
  4. Some agencies are using Facebook to recruit new escorts.
  5. Some agencies are using Facebook to find and connect with new clients.

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