Summer Fashion Tips 2013

Guys, the summer is here and do you need some fashion tips. What is big this summer in terms of style and clothing you may ask? Well carrying on the trend from last year are a few firm favourites. Gentlemen if you are embarking on meeting escorts for lavish dates in the capital, then you don't want to look stupid through your lack of style. So to save you embarrassment and to impress your London escort, here are some lovely tips. Before the fashion can begin, it is essential that you embark on healthy eating and regular exercise. Your best bet is to go to your doctor for a check up and get some advice. You may benefit from being on a more healthier diet. That way you will look better in your summer fashion choices.

Shorts are back for the second year running. Yeah apparently women are finding men in shorts very sexy. Remember when it comes to wearing shorts you have to stick to the golden rules. No shorts that end below the knee (just above is perfect). Remember you are not in Hawaii, so so oddly coloured Bermuda shorts. Go with soft colours, (even tartan to be a bit different). Make sure they are not too baggy or tight. You are looking for the perfect fit. Accessories are back and so is the rucksack. Yes it is cool, especially you businessmen who have just finished a meeting and are going to meet your escort. You want to look cool, hip and trendy, but a suitcase and casual dress do not go. So the backpack is the key summer accessory. Or if you feel like something more formal, the leather holdall is the best option. You can carry it down below your waist. Hit the gym, so your biceps and flex. Women will adore that.

When it comes to footwear the loafers win it this season. Blue loafers, the navy blue are big right now. Last year white ones took the centre stage, but they have to take a back seat. If you are used to having a bit of stubble and hair, then this summer is the season of change. Invest in some male grooming products. Try the smooth look. Use facial scrubs, invest in a good razor, get your nails done and even go for a pedicure. Spa treatments this summer you guys are fashionable. You could enjoy a spa date with a Central London escort and then go for a day out of luxury shopping.

Update - It is now 2016 and it was a surprisingly hot 2015. So the summer saw lots of people wearing clothes suitable for hot weather. This did not exclude escorts, who looked fabulous in whatever they wore. Just imagine the ones who lived near the sea in areas like Brighton. They must have looked so stunning in their bikinis. Obviously they would have got lots of attention because they have such great figures. Bring on more sun this year.