Escorts Who Blog

Over the past 3-4 years there has been a rise on the internet on the number of escorts who blog. the catalyst was probably the famous blog "diary of a call girl" which gave an insight into some (definitely not all) of the life and world of a high class escort. Obviously there is a big grey area where some escorts provide what some people call "extra services" and can they even carry the title escort after that; many would dissuade them from doing so. Anyway back to the blogging aspect. The birth of social media and connecting your everyday experience with millions has been at the click of a button. Many escorts document their daily lives as well as experiences they have had on bookings. for people who did not know much about the life of an escort it definitely gave more insight into it. Probably there are gentlemen out there who never even thought about booking an escort. However after coming into a contact with an escort blog, have decided they might try the experience.

There may have been a significant number of escort who after that famous blog were inspired to share their experiences. It is also a smart way for them to market the escort services they provide. There are so many websites where you can sign up for a blog account and start "blogging straight away". Now you have the issue with Facebook and Twitter where escorts are taking to social media more than ever now. Some believe it is not the correct forum for them to be on, while others think they should be allowed to express themselves on them.

There are a handful of escort agencies who are now stating to blog. Whether that is for SEO / marketing purposes or the social media bug has bitten them, remains to be identified. What is interesting is the huge amount of independent escorts who see it has fundamental who keep a daily blog going. There are some very interesting ones out there.

The pick of the best which is getting lots of attention at the moment is An Exotic Escort's Diary. An account of a university student who was a high class escort as well.

August 2013 - Owen Morris, the ex boyfriend of the woman behind Belle de Jour has claimed in media reports that many of her stories are made up. Brooke the lady in question has denied these claims. Who do you believe?