Escort SEO & Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird was kind of a birthday present for everyone; but did everyone understand or appreciate the gift. Marked as one of the biggest algorithm changes in too many years to count. It was announced a day before Google's 15th birthday but was said to be in operation for about 3 - 4 weeks prior. So what has it done to the "serps" for the escort market. Has this more natural algorithm, improved the search results. Well we all remember Panda and Penguin and how that seemed to shake up the web rankings; but not everybody thought or agreed in the right way. The key question that has to be asked is simple - Will it make escort SEO experts change their current strategies? Well for one,, general opinion is that the online escort market search engine results on Google are shocking for some keywords. Natural is not a word that falls in the vocabulary of many escort websites. Some high ranking sites certainly don't have natural, well formed written content. Some are just scraped from other sites and rewritten. All sounding the same and kind of a weird mix of information pulled from "Wikipedia". Really general information and actually does the user and themselves an injustice. However all too often it is plain to see these unimaginative websites with poor content (often replicated page after page with just a change in keyword) rank every highly. Some overdo it on the H1 and H2 tags and you can see a website been made for SEO purposes rather than user experience.

Time For Change?

With many heralding Hummingbird as the future of content marketing and supposedly the evolution of "caffeine"; to many it is going to be a head scratcher. What did Google Panda teach us? Well it taught us that content is the bedrock of everything. However if you have outdated, thin and useless content, then that is an anchor that is only going to weigh you down. So everybody panicked. For escort directories who massed produced pages (mainly in a geographical sense); multiple pages certainly didn't mean prizes. Only the "booby prize", which was a drop in ranking Never before have you seen a mad scramble of comments and pleas filled with despair after a Panda was rolled out.

Penguin was that "beast" that did not rear it's head as frequently but for al those escort websites that were building every worse kind of link imaginable it often saw their good ranking destroyed. Then comes the rush of disavow tool users who tried to convince Google that they didn't mean to build that link in the first place and that all a sudden the person they have bought the link from is now unreachable. This is how the online escort website market works. Take escort agencies for instance. The top ones earn the most money and therefore spend the most on advertising and other marketing methods. Paid escort links is big business. Did Google really think some of those websites have not bough their way to top. A bit like life, the rich seem to always use their money to get ahead. Money is power and power is the link power that an expensive paid link can give. While it is so unfair, so many escort agencies do it. If you think it is unfair; join the club. Maybe building a website for web users, concentrating on user experience and producing well thought out and unique content will pay off one day. We can only live in hope while others simply splash the cash on lots of high PR links.

A More Intelligent Algorithm Or Still Guesswork?

It feels that many feel you can build a website and content with the best intentions in the world. You can spend hours researching and writing some of the best content; only to be beating in the "serps" by some website with little imagination, but maybe it's been around a bit longer than you. Yes, some websites have made mistakes and been undone by previous updates. However it is the ones that learn from their mistakes and take the stance of good, unique content and user experience as their guiding light that feel hard done by. If one thing Google Hummingbird can hopefully achieve for people conducting escort SEO; is the ones who have always carried these values close to their heart - for Google to understand them. Yes, understand that they may not have the same domain age as other. They may not have a ton of links, but carefully look for the odd excellent link to build maybe once every week or month. Can their algorithm evolve to a state where it can think like a human. See what is good content and differentiate between the people who are "playing the game" and the ones who are true to providing real quality.

Nobody expects or wants a massive overhaul within the next week or month. However what you would certainly like to see is websites who try something different the good ones) be rewarded. There are some smart SEO experts who probably have earned their place as being the best of a bad situation. They are the ones who have implemented it in a OK way, but still they are not the pinnacle. The new age experts, especially in the escort market are trying new things. However hold onto good SEO practices. Can Hummingbird flap its wings quick enough to get these websites to the top? Only time will tell. Let us know what you think about this latest Google innovation and comment on our Twitter.