Outsourcing Escort SEO Overseas

If you are an escort or escort agency thinking about changing SEO company and outsourcing overseas, there are several factors you have to consider. Whether it was a 'Panda' a 'Penguin', a 'Hummingbird' or 'Page Layout' update via Google that has seen your search rank drop; you may panic. The obvious attraction of using an overseas escort SEO company or expert is the knowledge they are cheaper. However is cheaper always the better option? The top companies obviously charge the highest prices for their online marketing expertise. If you are a UK based escort service, you may have only used UK based SEO companies. Firstly you have to research into the market. Are any of the leading competitors using an overseas company? If so, who are they? The proof is always in the pudding and this case in the ranking results on major search engines. An SEO company should be judged on the Google rank they produce. So if there is an overseas company that has produce page 1 results for keywords that you are competing for, then they are definitely worth a look. However can overseas escort SEO companies really grasp the aspects of the UK escort market? That is a question that will go unanswered until a wide range of overseas companies take on UK based projects.

The key is to always look for proven experts. Many of the top escorts and agencies use UK based SEO companies. So that would be the best first port of call. Again do your research, contact them, ask them questions. Many people first start with a site audit. Many overseas SEO companies are using this as a way to gain clientele. They offer a free website audit. However there are so many online tools out there that can give you a general audit - how intricate will this site audit be?

Factors To Consider

There are some very important aspects that you need to consider.

So to be certain that you are making the correct decision it is important to do research. The results should be the main thing you consider. If they can prove their worth and have an excellent track record and you can adjust to an overseas company - maybe it is something you could consider. There are some excellent SEO companies abroad. However how many are great when it comes to the online escort market?