Writing Good Quality Content For Escort Websites

In any SEO campaign for any market, writing good quality content for a website is essential. The key to writing good content is understanding what good content is. you have to first look at the market you are in (the escort market) and look at your service. The key is to ensure you write informative, well written and relational content that web users will want to read. If you write content and shape it only for the purposes of major search engines then you are missing the whole point. Content is not for search engines, content is for your web users. It is an opportunity to give them information on a diverse range of topics about the escort market, your escort service and developments about your service. The key is to write content that is geared towards your topic without writing it fro a keyword orientated, SEO level. Good, coherent, grammar, geared towards really explaining the subject matter you are writing about.

2017 has seen Google not pick up on badly written escort website content. The irony is Google ranks these websites very highly. Most of these sites scrape content from quality websites and the add lots of gibberish to get the word count up. It is a real shame that they have not picked up on that practice. The thing is web users are suffering because they only get poor quality websites at first because Google rank them high. People write content that others can benefit from. Google says that it has changed the way it sees Panda. So is it a case that really informative websites are getting penalized because Google sees their content no longer relevant? That is like saying that history is not relevant. People don't just live for today. Some issues can resurface. Some issues are the truth that t clouded by the thoughts of today. Some issues in the escort industry had a time of commencement. So websites (like ours) hold that richness of escort related history.


Top 5 Tips For Good Escort Content Writing:

  1. Put yourself in the web users shoes and write what you would want to read, not what you feel search engines are looking for.
  2. Do not keyword stuff your page. Include your keywords naturally and make sure the page reads naturally.
  3. Try and write about a few sub topics on the page that are relational.
  4. Make sure you use excellent grammar and there are no mistakes.
  5. Have fun with it.

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