In The Spotlight - Ellie (VIP British Escort)

The first thing you will notice about this really beautiful brunette, are her striking green eyes. They are sexy, promote confidence and you will instantly be fixated on their gaze. This petite British babe is highly attractive, to the point people stop and stare. With that affect on people she knows she has something special about her. She provides VIP companionship services throughout London and other select regions nearby. She is a real 'go-getter' and really leads a jet-set lifestyle. If you are a gentlemen who also lives a luxurious life, then when it comes to companionship, you require the best. Well Ellie certainly is one of the most gorgeous British escorts to be found in London. In fact you can extend that to the whole of the UK. She has such a stylish edge to her look and also her personality. There is this air of sophistication that seems to constantly surround her. In fact it is more than that; it is like she has her own ozone layer or elegance.

Being elegant comes so naturally to this amazing brunette escort. Looking anything other than her best at all times, is simply not an option. Even though it is not hard work for her to look good, she certainly is dedicating to doing so. She is perfect company for a discreet visiting outcall. Also if you are a businessman or socialite out celebrating, you will want to be in your presence. It is like you will have an extra celebration, just for being in her company. She is full of excitement and that is why she is the perfect VIP party girl. She will be the best dressed and most sexy women. So she is part of that unique category of women that are regarded as 'eye candy'. This youthful, charismatic and often cheeky beauty will cheer you up always. Her smile will resonate with your good mood and propel it onto greater things.

If you require a classy, elegant and sexy VIP dinner date escort companion, then Ellie is perfect. She genuinely has a love for fine dining and fine cuisine. She has been fortunate to dine at the finest restaurants as she is a very popular and admired lady; not short of rich male admirers. It's her amazing selection of evening and cocktail dresses that represent how stylish she is. Her amazing, flawless figure ensures every outfit she ears, she looks absolutely fabulous in it. So much so if a model caught a glimpse of her, they would be full of envy. As Ellie is so glamorous and attractive all the attention is always focused in her direction.

Ellie is a petite escort with a huge personality. She lives for the moment and provides a romantic, classy escort service.

Ellie - VIP British EscortSexy Brunette Escort


Below is the "WOW" factor score for Ellie. Each score per section is out of 5; then the average is taken.

Her WOW Factor Score = 4.7/5

How she rated.:

Figure - 4.6/5 (Slender, curvy in all the right places - she could be a model!)

Instant Appeal - 4.7/5 (Amazing green eyes and a suave confidence that will impress you.)

Adventurousness - 4.7/5 (Nothing ventured, nothing gained is her stance on life.)

Popularity - 4.7/5 (Everywhere she goes she instantly becomes popular. Now that is something special.)

Wild Side - 4.7/5 (The real 'party animal' so put the champagne on ice.)