Genuine Lesbian Escort Services

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The escort market in 2018 has grown in diversity, especially in London and the UK. There are many new gay escort services out there, but not as many lesbian escort services. Certainly in regards to lesbian independent escorts on the web, they seem to be non-existent. However, there are many escorts that are bisexual and do provide companionship services to women and lesbian couples. However, do women who seek lesbian escort services want a bisexual companion or a genuine lesbian escort? Many bisexual escorts fake the whole lesbian experience and women can be put off with the fact. It is not real and the experience can seem tarnished from that lack of genuine lesbian interaction. However as this specialist romantic dating market moves on from being new an emerging one; with that has to come quality. The more and more sub standard services will have to be overshadowed by agencies and escorts who do provide genuine lesbian companionship. Also the question for 2018 is this. Do lesbian women mind if their escort date is bisexual? Is it a determining factor for the date or simply not an issue?

Are Agencies Changing?

The short answer is, yes! The escort market is so competitive that they have to always change and adapt to ensure success. Many doing this by beginning to diversify the services and escorts they showcase. You can start to see transsexual and "ladyboy" escort agencies emerging. Certainly escort agencies who provide bisexual escorts want to have a lesbian only category. Ensuring the two are differentiated is the key to existing agencies forming a premier lesbian service. In terms of equality and demand for the service, there should be a viable and prominent genuine lesbian escort market. There are surely there are women who seek lesbian companionship. There are many stories and reports of this on the internet.

What Is Unique About Our Escorts?

All of our escort companions are unique individuals. They possess a stylish flamboyance, panache and natural beauty, that is immense. They are able to strike a delightful rapport with classy women, instantly. They have that special personality that is heightened due to being so attractive. They are very down to earth people that can mix in very classy social circles. These beauties are accustomed to going to very exclusive, posh events. So if you are seeking a companionship only discreet escort services, their sophisticated company is fabulous. You may be considering going to a lesbian friendly bar for the first time. You may find you are quite nervous of the prospect of going alone. So don't. These escorts understand you could be anxious and their presence will provide a calming effect. You will have somebody to talk to all night and that may inspire courage for you to talk to other people. Our bi escorts are also such amazing company.

Finding Their Sexuality

Certainly many lesbians who are just finding their sexuality, are some of the most popular first time clients in this escort niche. The Independent Online did an article in 1997 about the very first instances of lesbians escorts to be seen in the UK. The sharp contrast is that back then (and certainly what the article represents) was a different type of lesbian escort client. They tended to be mature, rich and part of the business world. Now there is more diversity to who uses lesbian escort services. From the university graduate new to the gay scene, who never mustered the courage to go to a gay bar. To the divorced mum who discovers that marrying a man was just hiding away her true sexuality. Now she can embark on lesbian dates and escort services are a convenient way to meet women and socialise beyond that. From social companionship, dinner dates, trips to the theatre, certainly the richest clientele will always remain and require a more lavish experience. Many high powered lesbian businesswomen who lack the time to find social partners may require genuine lesbian escort companions for company one evening. This topic has been talked about in the lesbian scene to a certain extent but the slow moving nature of any increase in services of this nature is still nowhere to be seen. Rather than the bisexual escort option for lesbians, there has to be genuine escort services for them. Why not?


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