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Eva - Slim Exotic GFE Lesbian EscortMellisaa - Busty Blonde English EscortShannon - Slim Busty English Escort Stormy - Slim Blonde  Lesbian English Escort Charlee - Petite Super Busty Lesbian English Escort Morgan - British Black Lesbian EscortSumma - Elite English Luxury Shopping Companion Escort Paula - Mature English Lesbian Escort In LondonBella  - Busty Blonde Italian Lesbian Escort In MayfairMellisaa - VIP Busty Blonde English Lesbian Escort CompanionAimee - Perfectly Slim Blonde Lesbian English Escort

The Sexiest Lesbian Escorts In London For January 2024 - February 2024

  1. Eva is one of the sexiest exotic beauties you will ever meet in your lifetime. A dynamically sexy, fiery and passionate lady from South America (Brazil) who has the most tempting chocolate brown eyes. She has one of the sexiest accents, a perfectly shaped figure and a fun-loving personality. She has powerful self-confidence and really good fashion sense. As you can see whatever designer outfit she wears, she looks absolutely beautiful in it. She has that raw natural beauty that makes people become instantly fascinated with her. The perfect VIP companion, you will find she is the ideal "plus one" for a trip to the theatre of a posh restaurant. Eva is one of the most fun-loving a daring lesbian VIP party girl escorts in the city. You will want to be seen out with her at London's most exclusive lesbian friendly bars.
  2. Mellisaa is the eye candy every lesbian woman seeks in meeting; let alone dating. She has such an intensely raw sexiness about her that even straight woman find her very attractive. She is the epitome of powerful natural beauty and an insanely flawless hourglass figure. She has the sleekest waistline but as you can see perfect curves which seem unworldly. A blue-eyed foxy beauty she is the ideal VIP companion for the trendiest ladies looking for a luxury companion to accompany them to VIP events. She has that cheeky sparkle to her eyes where you can tell she is a rather fruity individual. She obviously looks amazing in every single classy outfit she wears. It is expected that everywhere she goes her intense attractive good looks cause quite a stir. Do not miss out on the chance of a lifetime by calling to book an exclusive outcall with this exceptionally pretty VIP companion.
  3. Shannon is a classy, perfectly curvaceous English lesbian brunette escort who has a naughty imagination. She is a very flirtatious and fun-loving lady who always dresses with panache. This busty beauty has the peachiest derriere and a perfectly slender frame with awesome curves. This means she can wear the tightest fitting high fashion garments. A highly intelligent lady who has amazing conversational skills. She has a fearless approach to life and is a very warmhearted individual You will love that she is such a down to earth person who is always up for a laugh. She has the unique ability of making you laugh so effortlessly with her wonderful story telling. If you want to experience the company of somebody who lives life to the fullest then Shannon is your dream woman.
  4. Stormy is a very pretty English blond lady with with the striking green eyes, sexy body art and the slimmest waist. A fresh-faced GFE companion whose attentiveness makes you feel like the most special person in the world. She has a very powerful fun-loving aura that make anybody meeting her for the first time feel very relaxed in her presence. A very flirtatious lady she always dresses with finesse and style. You will find her friendly and adventurous company brings an instant smile to your face. Now that is so powerful because not everybody has the power to make you smile that easily. She has picture perfect good looks and she could be a top model if she decided to go down that career path. Luckily for you her focus is on escorting and meeting exciting new ladies. Will you take the leap and book an exclusive outcall with this sexy blonde lesbian escort?
  5. Charlee is a really fun-loving, perfectly slender but amazingly curvy, buxom lesbian English escort who has the cheekiest smile. You will instantly fall in love with such a smile. As you know their is a hint of playful mischievousness behind it. Her beautiful green eyes and natural 34E cleavage are among her many visual attributes. She is a smart lady who is a really good conversationalist. you will not be bored in their exciting presence and conversation will flow easily. The perfect GFE companion, she has perfected the companionship only 'girlfriend experience' down to an art-form. You will be met with such warm and friendly attentiveness. She knows how to cheer you up with her fun sense of humour and witty intellect.
  6. Morgan is a petite, sexy and slim British black lesbian escort who has the naughtiest imagination. Her dominatrix inspired fetish outcalls have a mixture of role play thrown into the miss. A highly intelligent and warmhearted lady who has the most beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes. At 31 years old this mature beauty has a youthful energy and an adventurous outlook on life. The perfect VIP party girl escort if you require a fantasy inspired outcall experience then she is the lady for you. She has the biggest heart; a flamboyant woman who has a naughty imagination. You will be impressed by her irresistible good looks and fun-loving personality. She always looks stylish and often dresses with a sexy edge to her appearance.
  7. Summa is the one of the sexiest hazel eyed, classic English beauties who has a fan following due to her effortlessly elegant aura. You know there are times in life where you really want to meet the 'eye candy' that is out there. Well, this flawlessly slim lady, with amazing finesse, is that lesbian escort companion in the upper echelon of natural beauty. A lady of great pizzazz but also genuine poise. If you require the ultimate fine dining companion, then you have a classy date who will certainly be the part. She is accustomed to dining at the most lavish restaurants. Her fashion sense is supreme and everything she wears compliments, her perfectly toned figure. At 31 she has more life experience than women her age as she leads a very amazing lifestyle.
  8. Paula is another intensely attractive mature English lady who has super model looks. She looks like a superstar and knows that she is a special lady. However, she is a down to earth person who is friendly, elegant and adventurous. A highly-intelligent lady who has the powerful sensual confidence and exudes a luxurious aura everywhere.
  9. Bella is one of the most elegant blonde Italian beauties you will ever meet. Everything about her is perfection; from her classy and suave appearance to her flawless smile. You know you are in the presence of greatness when everybody around her fusses over getting her attention or helping her with something. She is a lady that takes such attention in her stride. She always has a perfect fashionable appearance and her sexy blue eyes will make you weak at the knees.
  10. Mellisaa is the ultimate insanely slim, yet somehow flawlessly curvaceous blonde English vixen, A powerhouse of sexiness with the most toned curvy figure, thighs women wish they had and a derriere that is beyond peachy. She has the figure all fitness models want and bikini models wish for. This naturally busty 32D blue-eyed GFE companion, also provides elite companionship only outcalls. She is a very confident, self-assured and saucy minded lady who always is in control.
  11. Aimee is one of the most adventurous, energetic and fun-loving English blonde lady you will ever meet. She simply has that vibrant energy to her personality and also represented with her athletic figure, she is about living life to the maximum. You will feel energised in her intensely romantic, spontaneously wild yet classy presence. She is the type of fun woman that you want to be in the company of if you have encountered a stressful week.

January 2024 - March 2024 Update - A Happy New Year to everybody. Hopefully 2024 is a year where you get to meet the sexiest lesbian escorts local to you. As you can see we have some fresh faces who can not wait to meet you. As we head into February what are you doing this Valentine's Day? Will you book a romantic GFE inspired outcall with one of our featured hot babes. Will you try our new escort service - elite dinner date escort companionship. Your elite dining companion will arrive in the most beautifully flowing designer evening dress. All eyes will be on her as people gasp as they stare at her irresistible natural beauty. Are you bi-curious lady who is seeking the luxuriously sexy and adventurous company of lesbian escorts? Are you a lesbian lady who requires the sophisticated company of a classy female beauty? Our London lesbian escort service caters for women seeking discreet dates with intelligent eye candy? Maybe you are a lady who is seeking their first lesbian escort experience. Maybe you are a lady who has never had a lesbian experience but simply enjoys the flirtatious and saucy company of an open-minded woman. Encountering your very first escort experience can seem like a daunting thought. There will be a range of emotions you will be navigating through. Are you looking to take that leap into the luxurious world of intensely romantic escort dating? You will come to discover our featured companions have specifically amazing attributes which make them the perfect date. From their exceptional natural beauty, their fun-loving personalities, adventurous lifestyles, spectacular figures and naughty imaginations. They are genuinely elegant and charismatic individuals who are accustomed to swanky surroundings. From going to lavish dinners, partying in the most exclusive places and jetting off to the most beautiful cities around the world - they know how to bring much-needed excitement into your life. Even though they are such intensely attractive women, they are genuinely down-to-earth. They have a wide range of interests and hobbies; some are exceptionally impressive. You may simply require discreet company for a few drinks after work at a nice bar. Maybe you want to dine out at a new restaurant you have always meaning to go to. You will have the most beautiful fine dining companion. Conversation, laughter, champagne and flirtatious fun will flow naturally when you are in their luxurious company. If you are looking to book a discreet outcall with a sexy lesbian escort in London (or Outer London region) contact our agency today.

Is This Your Very First Lesbian Escort Booking?

2024 is hear and this has come after a hangover of three years battling a sudden global pandemic. Finding a way back to normality may still be a struggle. Maybe you discovered and accepted that you where a lesbian in the covid period. It could have been an extremely difficult period for you because of those reasons. 2024 continues to see world really tackle how we view sexuality and gender association. Maybe it is something that is a very integral part of your life. Maybe you are going through a challenging time because of this. If so, please know that there is always help and support out there and you never need to face these issues alone. You may be thinking about coming out as lesbian to friends and family. 2024 hopefully will continue to see the world become an even more welcoming place for you. Yes, in life you have to follow your heart and goals. If you have really wanted to meet up the mos elegant lesbian escorts London and have backed out - entertain our challenge. Yes, we have a 'First Booking Challenge' which focuses on encouraging people who have backed out of meeting a sexy beauty. Whether it is nerves or a slight lack of self confidence our 'First Booking Challenge' inspires people to go towards their happiness. So:

  • Do you lack somebody to consistently socialise with and often experience loneliness? If so, you deserve to experience intense fun and be around friendly people who want to make you feel happy.
  • Have you recently started to become more attracted to women and want to see if this new attraction is genuine?
  • Are you a lady who has recently split up from their female partner and feel quite down at the moment?
  • Are you a lady with a really busy and often hectic work schedule who doesn't have the adequate time to meet other classy ladies?
  • Are you you always tired and experience frustration turning up to parties/ special occasions by yourself?
  • Do you wish to discover and experience going to gay/lesbian friendly bars and clubs but don't have a suitable date?
  • Are you a modern-thinking lesbian couple looking to add an exciting extra (possibly romantic) dynamic to an evening or weekend?

Whatever your situation, this may not be your first companionship only first lesbian experience. However, it may be your first lesbian experience of any kind. You have the power and the opportunity today to really challenge yourself to take that leap. Our highly intriguing 'First Booking Challenge' will hopefully inspire you. If you book with First Call Escorts as a genuine first time client then you will receive a fabulous surprise. So please do not miss out! Modern dating in today's world has undergone huge and significant changes. 2021 further demonstrated the power of technology and the internet as it gives people access to an exciting new horizon of human interaction. This collectively conscious and significant shift in people's expectations, desires and possibilities has rapidly shifted taboos. Society has certainly become much more open-minded, especially about things behind closed doors. 2024 is here and what a year it is meant to be. Are you a lesbian woman looking for the most luxurious escort dates with lesbian escorts? Our lavish and romantically adventurous companionship only discreet outcalls are the perfect companionship solution. Our classy escort agency happily features the most naturally attractive, highly-intelligent, genuinely open minded and sensually confident escorts in London. Our discreet outcalls also are available in exclusive UK regions. They are really committed and highly-driven in accompanying classy lesbian women to VIP private parties/events. They also provide the most fun-loving and discreet company for a wide and diverse range of occasions. Are you an over-worked city professional who has a frightfully busy schedule? Our specialist lesbian escort service options are the perfect dating solutions for you. They are fabulously bespoke in many ways and tailored to your individual companionship only escort dating requirements.

Special Update* - The Lesbian Girlfriend Experience

2024 has come and yet another year is here for you to experience our "lesbian girlfriend experience" outcall. This is the companionship only GFE escort service version for lesbians who require the company of the most attentive, romantic, adventurous and fun-loving ladies. You instantly feel like you really matter to them in their warm, friendly presence and they will pamper you with compliments. It does not have to be a really fancy date. You may simply require a discreet evening in, watching a movie and enjoying a glass of wine. Maybe you want to go to the cinemas but want some beautiful company. Maybe you want to go for a quick drink and maybe a bit to eat at your favourite pub? You will be in the presence of a lady who you have the full attention of and you can really enjoy some intriguingly fun/intelligent lighthearted or thoughtful conversations. The lesbian

Do you seek the friendly and relaxing company of the most beautiful lady for a fun, quiet evening in? For individuals who really love to socialise, you can easily book a lesbian escort to accompany after work to join you for a nice drink. Maybe you have never ever ventured to a lesbian friendly bar and you require somebody to accompany you. Rest assured, the beauteous VIP companion you choose will ensure you genuinely enjoy your evening out (or in). If you enjoy encountering the most lavish fine dining experiences then book a romantic VIP dinner date companion. Maybe anxiety has kicked in as you worry about attending an upcoming office party. Have you forever procrastinated thinking endless thoughts about visiting a lesbian friendly pub/club/bar? But every time you conclude that you just don't have enough confidence? Well, our supremely attractive lesbian escorts provide an intensely luxurious companionship only escort service. Outcalls are available throughout London and also exclusive UK regions. This fabulously romantically inspired and lavish private outcall service caters for your private bespoke dating needs as a lesbian woman. Our London escort agency is hugely frustrated that the escort industry in the UK doesn't have more female companionship only options. There is a limited selection of escort agencies and independents who feature such a service online. As 2024 progresses hopefully our agency can feature even more of the sexiest lesbian escorts online.

Are You A Woman Who Is Felling Confused About Their Sexuality?
There is a significant rising percentage of women who are in heterosexual relationships and now seek female companionship. Many of these women have come to the intense realization that they have always been very attracted to women. Have they ever had the ability or any support around them to talk intelligently through these issues. Encountering what can feel like really taboo or intensely conflicting feelings is always challenging. A period of initial confusion sets in and it can be quite intense and distressing for people. Naturally there is a significant level of apprehension in being able to confide these inner feelings to family or close friends. Often all it simply takes is seeing the negative reactions of people confiding in others to make women often never disclose ones true sexuality/identity. Encountering this intense realization about ones sexuality is potentially a life changing experience. If you have never ever experienced any type of romantic relationship with a woman before but have romantic feelings - do not panic. Choosing to explore your new found feelings even though daunting is a brave thing to do. You arrive at an important crossroads where you have to decide if you want to openly identify as a lesbian. A unique litmus test many women use is engaging with the online dating scene. For many it can often create additional issues and may add to the stress of this new direction in life. Some women often decide to take tiny steps by experiencing some general female company in a non-romantic setting. Our sexy lesbian escorts find that many of their female clientele really need somebody to talk to about their worries and concerns. Our discreet and luxurious companions are always understanding. They genuinely listen to their dates which is always appreciated. Britain has long had an interesting relationship with many things being perceived as being taboo. There are flickers of liberation from an outdated way of thinking; especially when it comes to topic of sexuality and modern dating. Today, lesbian women can (openly or discreetly) easily experience a relaxing date with beautiful woman. Whether it is going out for a quiet drink, a meal or just to the cinemas to watch a movie Our classy London based agency has a wonderful selection of specialist companionship only outcall options (including VIP). So you can happily embark on a really wild night of luxurious partying at an exclusive VIP nightclub with your elegant escort date. Many more women today are encountering this fabulously fun dating experience and discover its very liberating.

Lesbian Escort Rates For Outcalls

Our sophisticated and fun outcalls start from just £150 (for the first hour). Then if you choose to extend your outcall it is then £100 for per additional hour. Even though we are clearly not the cheapest agency in London, we genuinely pride ourselves on our quality of service. We also are really competitive when it comes to escort rates and we provide high quality cheap outcalls. Take a look at our extensive and impressive online portfolio to find your ideal lesbian escort. There you will find some really interesting and very in-depth information about your chosen companion. A luxuriously beautiful photo gallery awaits you, where you can view a selection of quality pictures. You can also find out all about their discreet outcall rates and read extensive reviews about them. Each of these exceptionally confident beauties are very outgoing, adventurous and elegant. They have amazing personalities and are uniquely really down-to-earth people. They all genuinely appreciated the magical experience of a an old fashioned, flirtatious romantic date. Being in the company of such sophisticated and elegant beauties makes for encountering a truly memorable experience. These exceptionally beauteous ladies can be somewhat flirtatious and daring as they have adventurous imaginations. These amazingly pretty lesbian escorts have a real eye for fashion and take immense pride in their appearance. They always uphold and fully respect your complete right for total privacy and never ever break that confidence. So you can simply just smile, enjoy lots of laughter, fun, lighthearted conversation and most importantly experience lots fun in their classy company.

Lesbian Escorts Of The Month (Jayda, Tammara, Robin, Rio, Charlee, Shanice, Sammie, Allice, Ollivia, Lorelle, Destiny, Vitally and Vanesa)

Tara - 34D Busty Mixed Race Escort Jayda - 34DD Super Busty British Black Lesbian EscortTammara - Voluptuous 36G Super Busty British Black EscortRobin - Slim British Blonde GFE Escort Rio - 34E Super Busty English Escort Charlee - Petite Super Busty 34E Lesbian English Escort Shanice - GFE Ebony EscortSammie - Busty Dutch Lesbian EscortRoxane - Tall Busty Englsh Lesbian Dominatrix Escort Ollivia - VIP Lesbian Party Girl EscortLorelle - 36G Super Busty Black Lesbian EscortDestiny - VIP Black British Escort Vanesa - VIP Czech Escort In North London

Take A Look At These Beautiful Lesbian Escort Companions

As you can see we have a wide selection of amazingly sexy lesbian female companions. Learn more about what makes these beauties amazingly special. They are:

  • Tara is one of the sexiest mixed race lesbian escorts in all of the UK. This daring, elegant and outgoing buxom female companion adores the luxurious side of life. She has the prettiest of smiles and good looks. A smile that instantly brightens up your day. With the silkest, long flowing dark hair and most alluring brown eyes, Tara is the sweetheart you desire to meet. This GFE inspired mixed race beauty has stylish dress sense with a real edge of sexiness about it. You will want to make Tara your exclusive GFE companion. She has gone to the most prestigious parties an events. Thus, making her the ultimate luxury female companion for the poshest of occasions. Whether it is just for a few drinks after work, a discreet romantic meal or a night out on the town - this busty babe is the best company.
  • Jayda is one of the sexiest super busty 34DD ebony escorts about. She is a really feminine lady with a fiery character but one of absolute elegance. She is all about enjoying the simple happiness life presents and not just where you go, but who you go with is important to her. In a nutshell this VIP black lesbian escort is such a bubbly, down to earth and fun lady that you will never want your outcall to end. She has the sensual confidence that goes with being a VIP escort companion. She has graced many posh events, parties and restaurants and leads a life of unique luxury. She is an amazing dresser and her elegant, chic appearance is always the most fashionable attire with a sexy edge present.
  • Tammara is one of the most beautiful voluptuous and curvaceous lesbian escorts London has. A naturally buxom 36G black escort who has the perfect size 14 figure. She is the type of lady where other ladies often can not maintain eye contact without staring at her huge 36G cleavage. Well, there is more to Tammara than her big cleavage and insanely perfect curvy figure. She is a lady of real elegance; a thoughtful and kind woman who really is an attentive date. She has the sexiest chocolate brown eyes and the funniest sense of humour. She is full of romantic surprises as she is a true romantic at heart. She is also one of the most adventurous GFE companions you will ever meet. She loves partying but is also quite a homely individual.
  • Robin is that classic blonde British lady who has model looks and a smooth self-confidence that all woman admire. She has a elegant, sexy and edgy look about her which appeals to so many people. A slim lady who loves intensely romantic conversation and the finest champagne. She is the lesbian 'eye candy you have dreamed of meeting all your life. She has the sexiest hazel eyes that if you stare into will make you instantly declare your love for her. She has many admirers but when you are in her fabulously relaxing company, all her attention is for you. Robin has a perfectly slender and flawlessly toned slim figure. She loves to visit art galleries and also she is down to earth, so a visit to the pub is right up her street. So that means from the spectacular to the every day companionship requirements, she is the perfect lady to be int he company of.
  • Rio is not from Brazil, but she has the sun-kissed skin and the energetic, colourful personality to think she was. This super busty blonde English beauty is one of the sexiest lesbian escort companions the city has. She has the type of glamour model type attractiveness that makes people stop and stare in admiration at her. She has a cheeky sense of humour and loves to go to the most luxurious places. The perfect VIP shopping companions for wealthy ladies who require the most exquisite female company whilst shopping. Rio is the ultimate fantasy English blonde female companion. She has one of the most perfectly curvaceous figures with the peachiest of derrieres. So you can imagine that she looks so beautiful in every outfit she wears; especially designer ones. her hazel eyes are something of real beauty as they seem so dazzling. The perfect companion for rich female socialites who want to be in the company of the sexiest lesbian women.
  • Charlee is the picture perfect English brunette with that 'girl from next door' attractiveness. She is a friendly, smart, outgoing and fun-loving brunette who always lives each day to the fullest. She loves going to the most fun parties, events and venues. You could say she is a bit of a 'party animal'. You would not be wrong there as this flawlessly slim GFE companion is the perfect VIP party girl escort. You will love her vibrant energy to life and her naughty sense of humour. An open-minded beauty who loves flirtatious conversation and having a laugh. You will find her sensual confidence and attention to detail in her appearance so intriguing. She provides the most romantically intense companionship only lesbian girlfriend experience in London.
  • Shanice is a fiery, vivacious and elegant British black vixen. This very attractive and naughty-minded beauty knows how to bring fun and excitement to your day. First of all, she is a real 'hottie'. It is obvious that she gets many female admirers because she has such a beautiful aura about her. If you are looking for fun and adventure then Shanice is your ideal companion. She is a stylish lady who has a flamboyant character and an eye for fashion. This black lesbian escort is perfect company if you want to head out for a few drinks, the cinema, a restaurant, pub or bar.
  • Sammie is basically one of the sexiest Dutch women you will ever meet in your entire life. Never before has such a perfectly curvaceous lady, also had such intense good looks. This buxom and perfectly curvy dark-haired temptress has such a beautiful figure that top bikini models are jealous. Every single figure-hugging dress Sammie wears makes guys and ladies stop and stare. She is the type of lady who enters a room and everybody takes notice and finds her attractive.
  • Roxane is a naturally buxom, daring and naturally confident tall English brunette. She is a truly open-minded minx whose adventurous approach to life sparks excitement and naughtiness into your day. This vivacious English lesbian escort beauty provides a uniquely dominatrix inspired outcall experience (companionship only). She is a sensually confident beauty who is strong-minded but not to the point that it becomes detrimental. Roxane is true go-getter and views every day as a perfect opportunity to experience luxuriousness. She leads an intensely healthy lifestyle and her perfectly slim figure shows this. This elegant yet fiery intensely attractive dominatrix loves shopping for fetish outfits. She engages in fun and flirtatious conversation; she is also a fantastic listener. There is a powerfully erotic elegance to her, as well as a sincere sophistication. Her elegant aura makes everybody feel naturally relaxed around her. She is a party animal, who is one of the hottest and in-demand VIP party girl escorts in the city. Her private luxurious visiting outcalls are the classiest companionship only dates about; with a naughty spark.
  • Ollivia is a mysterious brunette lesbian escort who is the epitome of gorgeousness. Direct from the 'Big Apple' this brunette she brings the glitz and glamour to London, UK. Her intriguingly naughty imagination really runs riot as she is an impressively creative thinker. She is one of the most romantic lesbian escorts you'll ever entertain the privilege of meet. She has the most mesmerising hazel eyes, the most radiant smile and a great sense of humour. Her perfectly moulded shaped figure of perfection ensures she looks sexy in any outfit she wears. Her sensual aura radiates a powerfully intriguing confidence which makes most women instantly attracted to her. It is common for ladies who see Ollivia for the very first time to be caught up in hypnotic amazement. Ollivia is lady who is always fashionably dressed. The popular VIP party companion who always knows how to make an electric entrance. Her immediate focus is to always guarantee you experience the most magical lesbian companionship only outcall ever. All of her wonderfully entertaining companionship only outcalls have an intensely romantic edge to them. If you're a truly affluent lady seeking an exclusively discreet VIP discreet date, then this vixen is your ideal choice. Her beautiful hazel eyes are a gushing deep sea of beauty that you will want to stare into its amazing abyss.
  • Lorelle is really buxom, devastatingly curvaceous, British black lesbian escort. She has a humongous 36G cleavage and an even bigger personality. This electrifying British ebony beauty has the most perfect arrangement of curves! She is the sexy eye candy you want to in the company of to boost your self-confidence. Lorelle is a lady of true elegance and she certainly engages in the luxuries life has to offer. She is always comfortable in the most affluent surroundings imaginable. Her extensive designer label wardrobe outfits means she can dress stylishly for any occasion. She always dresses with flamboyance and total sophistication. Her powerfully adventurous presence will leave you fully captivated after your date. She is a popular VIP shopping companion who really knows everything about fashion. If you are looking to go the swankiest LGBT event then you will really want Lorelle as your date. She is a wild VIP party girl escort every lady wants to book. If you are accustomed to living a VIP lifestyle , this British ebony minx is the perfect elite date for luxurious occasions.
  • Destiny is a really fiery, chic and flirtatious black British escort in London. This insanely curvaceous 'big black booty' lesbian escort is full of sensual confidence and passion. You will be immediately taken aback by just how attractive and highly-intelligent she is. Destiny is really aptly named as you will realise it was destined for you meet such a special beauty. Gracing the most luxurious trendy clubs in Central London is something this ebony minx is accustomed to. Her sophisticatedly stylish elegantly fashionable dress is impeccable. Destiny is one of the most in-demand GFE lesbian escorts in the UK. She is a genuinely attentive and romantically driven GFE companion. Her private visiting outcalls are the wildest and most luxurious dates in the city.
  • Vanesa is a breathtakingly attractive, naughty and petite VIP Czech lesbian escort who fully embraces discreet dating. She is a naturally confident lady whose outgoing and friendly personality makes you instantly feel at ease. She has a wonderful sense of naughty adventure which makes her companionship only outcalls so daring. Vanesa always finds magical new ways of ensuring you experience intense fun. Being the centre of attention is absolutely normal for this petite beauty because she has that special pizazz about her. Vanesa isn't just a pretty face; this perfectly slim 'hottie'. She is a highly intelligent lady who has a unique sensual flamboyance about her. She is perfect company for a luxurious short trip weekend away. So if you are an overworked and highly stressed Londoner looking to escape the city, invite Vanesa along as your exclusive VIP travel companion. Swap the city for the countryside this weekend with this petite beauty as beauteous date. Vanesa has a tremendously sexy figure that every woman wishes they had. She loves keeping fit at the gym and you can see she always likes to keeps that perfect figure in shape. If you love encountering new fine dining experiences you should book the elegant company of this Czech beauty. She is one of the mos popular VIP dinner date companions in the city. Maybe you want to encounter a really night of lavish partying. Well, she is a most fun VIP party girl escort you could ever book. Where there is an exclusive party in London, she is sure to receive one of the first VIP invitations. Conversation simply naturally flows in her company and you will genuinely relaxed in her friendly presence.

VIP Lesbian Escorts Of The Month (Melissa, Scarlett, Dani, Maddison & Abbie)

  • Lea - English Role Play Lesbian Dominatrix EscortScarlett - VIP Blonde English EscortVIP Australian Escort In ArchwayMaddison - Tall 36DD Busty English EscortAbbie - 34E Super Busty Blonde English Escort
    Lea - You will never meet a more daringly open-minded and alluring English lesbian escort. She always provides the most sensually adventurous and naughty minded COMPANIONSHIP ONLY role play outcalls in London. She has buckets upon buckets of natural charisma which makes everybody want to be in her company. Her dominatrix inspired and wildly adventurous lesbian outcalls are full of intense fun and intrigue. Lea is part of the hottest lesbian escort duo in London, UK. This very sensually confident English brunette escort is ultimate fantasy date for VIP businesswomen wanting to encounter daring dating experiences. Treat this party animal brunette babe to the finest champagne and fine dining experiences. She is a genuinely attentive and warmhearted person. She has a flamboyantly luxurious and sensually driven collection of the sexiest designer outfits. If you are encountering a really stressful week at work, her flirtatious company helps you unwind in an elegantly naughty fashion. Take life by the scruff of the neck and spit down the throat of fear... you know you want to meet her.
  • Scarlett - This vivacious and classy petite blonde English lady is the absolute epitome of luxurious sophistication. A highly-adventurous blonde VIP party girl companion, Scarlett leads the lavish lifestyle you would expect a top escort does.
  • Dani - Some say beauty can make a deep impact, but Dani's personality alone really rams home the excitement you yearn for. This naturally sensually confident and sophisticated mature Australian brunette beauty is a class above. She has a naughty imagination which inspires you to stretch your fantasies beyond breaking point. Dani has the type of beauty which turns your attention to double checking if can take a few days off work. This fun-loving VIP dinner date companion is your go-to wildness.
  • Maddison - Out of all the English lesbian escorts featured online, Maddison has a spectacularly naturally breathtaking beauty which simply leaves you lost for words. This massively impressively buxom 36DD English beauty is every woman's perfect woman.
  • Abbie is a flirtatious 34E super busty blonde English elite companion who instantly commands respect. This super sexy and super busty blonde mix has the most perfectly shaped derrière. Her powerfully confident naughty presence will make you feel like a superstar when you're in her enthralling company. Abbie is a down-to-earth woman who simply enjoys having fun. She is the true sense of a VIP when she gets invited out. She loves partying at the most luxuriously exclusive parties/venues. Abbie is really a true romantic at heart and loves old fashioned type romance. She provides the sauciest companionship only 'girlfriend experience' inspired outcall in London.

Do you VIP party or event coming up and require a sophisticated lady as your private date? First Call Escorts is part of a small handful of unrelated UK escort agencies who can say they truly provide genuine lesbian escort services. Our breathtakingly beautiful escorts don't simply masquerade as lesbians, but truly are the 'real deal'. There are lots of bisexual escorts who provide this particular specialist outcall option as well. It is simply your decision whom you select as your outcall date. Our agency provides the most thrill-seeking yet classy outcalls throughout London that have a fabulous bespoke element to them. Do you require a really smart, luxuriously elegant and sexy lesbian lady to accompany you to a VIP function, party or event? Maybe you just require some friendly discreet company to enjoy a few well-deserved drinks after work. It could be that you earn for some lighthearted fun conversation on a mundane weekday evening? We feature the most glamorous and clearly the sexiest lesbian escorts in London.

Escort Directories

There is a small selection of online directories who feature lesbian female companions who provide escort services throughout London. Here are some websites who have some good reviews on the world wide web. They are:

World Escort Map - This escort directory proudly lists thousands of attractive independent escorts in London and various other UK cities. This website seems to list some of the sexiest bisexual ladies in London. There are lots of VIP listings with escort rates listed as being 'expensive' as ( £500 per hour) for really exclusive VIP outcall companionship.

Lesbian Escort Services In London & Outer London

Our classy escort agency has a big selection of lesbian visiting/outcall services for our sophisticated female clientele. Whatever your luxurious VIP companionship only requirements are, we try our best to help match you with the perfect dating option. They are as follows:

Lesbian Duo - This unique 'one of a kind' specialist outcall option is rapidly growing in popularity. Why not book the wildly adventurous and exciting companionship of two sexy beauties today? This intense outcall option is convenient if you go out as part of a group enjoying an evening out. Three is never a crowd when you book these hotties. This luxury companionship only dating option is ideal if you have something important or fun you wish to celebrate. So if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion like birthday or job promotion, this escort service is best. Do you like going to the trendiest and liveliest LGBT pubs, bars and clubs in the city? To make the experience that more luxuriously memorable, you should book a date with a naughty escort duo.

Fetish Escorts - The outcall is the wildest fetish inspired companionship only lesbian escort service in all of London. These daring fun discreet dates include a really elegant escort accompanying you to London's most exciting fetish clubs. London is an exciting and diverse city that boasts some of the most exclusive and lavish fetish clubs in Europe. If you are relatively new to this scene then this companionship only option is a unique way to explore it. The idea of attending a fetish club on your own can be a truly daunting thought. The best solution is to call our escort agency today and we can easily match you with a specialist lesbian escort. This discreet escort service option service is never restricted to just VIP events or occasions. You can also book an attractive lesbian escort companion for all your private companionship only dating needs.

VIP Party Girls - Are you a lady who is forever accustomed to only partying in complete luxury? Do you require the most stylishly fashionably dressed, naturally gorgeous and really adventurous, elegant company for a VIP evening out? Our trusted agency features the sexiest female 'eye candy' in the United Kingdom. These fabulously sophisticated and visually beautiful ladies simply love partying as true VIPs. They are accustomed to often being the centre of attention. Book an exclusively lavish VIP section at your favourite nightclub and then get the most finest bottles of champagne, to get your evening started.


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What Areas Are Covered By Our Agency?

London is one of he most important and in some circumstances the most important city on the global stage. There are so many affluent, luxuriously cosmopolitan and diverse areas and regions. You will find all of our discreet specialist outcalls are available throughout North, South, East, West and Central London. Central and North London regions provide many of our almost bespoke VIP & elite companionship only options. They are further explained as follows:

  • Lesbian Escorts In Soho - An intensely adventurous and specialist outcall service which is only exclusive the Soho region. There are plenty of trendy lesbian bars in this London region. Your sexy date is accustomed to partying at the most exclusive Soho clubs, pubs and bars. Why not arrange a private GFE date so they can meet you after work one day? Together, you can both discreetly experience the exciting and pulsating atmosphere Soho has to offer. Alternatively, you could opt to book a discreet romantic fine dining experience at a top Soho restaurant.
  • Lesbian Escorts In Swiss Cottage - This bustling North London region has some of the best bistros and pubs in the region. If you are local to that area why not book a private outcall and start enjoying your life for once? These vivacious beauties provide a truly discreet and fun lesbian GFE experience.

Escort News 2021-2024:

The Telegraph has a really interesting online article which highlights the interesting subject of lesbian escort agencies. It provides a unique insight into the lives of escort clients and also escorts. It also highlights the rise in specific lesbian companionship services. Click Here to read their article. Also, VICE has produced a great article from the perspective of a lesbian escort. Click Here to read their article. Please note the information in these online articles does not represent or reflect how our escort agency is managed, any of the escort services we feature or how it operates. Have you read the book written by Sally Mays called The Lesbian Girlfriend Experience: From lawyer to Escort? We have not but take a look as it could be a good read.

Lesbian Bars

You may desire to take your beautiful companion on a romantically adventurous evening out. There are many exciting VIP clubs/bars in the city which are really friendly and they all have a great atmosphere.

Please note: First Call Escorts have no affiliation with any of the places/companies listed on this page on anywhere else on this website. These places are simply highly recommended on the internet.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern - 372 Kennington Ln, London, SE11 5HY (A great venue with exciting lesbian friendly events. The 'Butch' event is certainly growing in popularity.)
Lafayette - 11 Goods Way, London, N1C 4DP - (A lesbian friendly friendly whose Gal Pals events are the talk of the city. A safe space and venue to have a wonderful time at.
- 8 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 6BD (A fun and lively lesbian bar which has a diverse crowd. Its really chic and intensely pink interior is beautiful and its massive beer garden is handy.
(She Soho) - 23a Old Compton St, London, W1D 5JL - (Quite simply, for the best Saturday night out, you have to go there.)
(Ku Bar) - 30 Lisle St, London, WC2H 7BA - A luxurious gay-friendly venue, set over three floors with an exclusive champagne bar.)