In The Spotlight - Katherine

There are many English escorts in London, but Katherine really is in a class of her own. Her most stunning attribute is her amazing natural beauty. She possesses the type of beauty that takes you back top the 1920' s classic look. She always dresses with elegance and exceptional style. She really is the perfect representation of a highly sophisticated escort ho is a true VIP companion. There is an air of mysteriousness that surrounds her uniquely smart persona. She is a very calm, intelligent and confident lady who always aspires for greatness. She provides very sophisticated company and is the perfect date for a VIP party or function. So if you are a classy gentleman who requires a discreet date to attend a very posh party; then she is the perfect choice. You will be astonished to how amazingly stylish her attire will be. Katherine has a real ye for fashion and the figure to look good in designer label clothing. She doesn't need expensive clothing accessories because this chic, highly attractive English brunette escort is already perfect. She always takes a great sense of pride in her stylish appearance and her hair and make-up is always amazingly done. She only uses top hair stylists because her appearance means so much to her. To her beauty is something that needs to be maintained.

Katherine has the most sexy blue eyes you will ever see. They are a very subtle blue, but have a mysterious radiance and vibrance to it. You will be hypnotised by them and also her very warm, friendly smile. Her smile actually has a very subtle element if cheekiness to it that you will find adorable. She is a very ambitious lady and has that winning mentality. She loves to keep fit and goes to the gym on a regular basis. She believes that leading a very healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet is essential. This charming brunette really has that special spark to her personality that makes her so fun to be around. She has so many interests and loves talking about them. So if you were lucky enough to go on a dinner date with her, you will encounter the time of your life. Fine dining in a romantic atmosphere maybe something ne to you. However Katherine is such a friendly down to earth lady that you needn't feel nervous. It is natural to get very nervous around very attractive ladies. o it may be understandable if you feel a little intimidated in her presence.

Classy English Escort

If you are looking for the most classy English escorts in the UK capital than Katherine certainly falls into that category. She provides the sot luxurious and fun fuelled visiting outcalls. She always respects your right for privacy and is a great listener. you may have a very stressful job and just need a friendly ear to listen about all your stresses. Well you will soon forget all about them as you will have such fun in her company. You will be in complete admiration of of superior attention to detail in her appearance. She provides discreet companionship only escort dates to classy gentlemen and ladies.

There are many VIP escorts but Katherine is a truly elegant beauty. If you require the company of a classy English escort, then she is your dream woman.

Katherine - Classy English EscortSlim Brunette Escort


Below is the "WOW" factor score for Katherine. Each score per section is out of 5; then the average is taken.

Her WOW Factor Score = 4.8/5

How she rated.:

Figure - 4.8/5 (This ultra slim brunette has likes to keep in shape.)

Instant Appeal - 4.8/5 (Those sexy blue eyes are almost hypnotic if you stare into her gaze.)

Adventurousness - 4.8/5 (always full of surprises, you will never be bored.)

Popularity - 4.7/5 (It is easy to see why she will have such a huge fan base of her looks.)

Wild Side - 4.8/5 (Book a date with her and find out.)