In The Spotlight - Katie (VIP Russian Escort)

There are a multitude of Russian escorts in London to choose from. However Katie makes it a very easy choice for prospective VIP gentlemen to book her companionship services as she is simply amazing. This sexy blonde Russian escort has such a pretty face and perfectly shaped body. Her warm smile is like a sexy radiant glow and when it shines on you you feel in awe of her beauty. She has a 34D cleavage and piercing green eyes which really exemplifies her natural beauty and sets her apart from the rest. She is always smiling and has such a fun loving outlook on life. This vibrant energy ensures if you are having a bad day; maybe a hard day at the office - her company is all that it takes to make you feel happy again. On rare occasions she provides VIP party girl escort companionship. So if you are a posh socialite or rich city banker who likes to party -she is the ultimate date. Katie has such a happy, fun, vibrant energy to her amazing personality. She is a mood changer in the good sense, of being able to cheer you up with just her cheeky smile.

Perfect Figure, Perfect Smile

This blonde, buxom beauty has perfect features. Her smile is so radiant, friendly and genuine that it will make you happy. Something as small a gesture as friendly smile can really brighten up somebody's day. You may look to escort companionship as a relaxing date to counteract your stressful life. This classy Russian lady provides such fun loving GFE inspired outcalls. Her figure is amazing as well. She has a very curvaceous one and looks sexy in all attire she wears. There is a real style to her dress sense that is classy and sexy at the same time.

Her silky soft, long blonde hair and cheeky personality are her most captivating features. If you want fun loving company; somebody to cheer you up, then Katie an expert to turning a frown into a smile. She has a very open minded outlook and has various fantasies of her own. She loves to get naughty sometimes and indulges in a very classy lifestyle. If you want a very attractive, fresh faced, exciting and romantic female companion, then Katie is your ideal lady.


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Below is the "WOW" factor score for Katie. Each score per section is out of 5; then the average is taken.

Her WOW Factor Score = 4.5/5

How she rated.:

Figure - 4.5/5 (This 34D busty Russian has a lovely figure and an amazing wardrobe to show it off.)

Instant Appeal - 4.6/5 (Her captivating green eyes and radiant smile are both winners.)

Adventurousness - 4.5/5 (Nothing ventured, nothing gained is her mind-set.)

Popularity - 4.5/5 (There are many Russian escorts in London and she is quite popular.)

Wild Side - 4.6/5 (Her cheeky personality is something that appeals to many guys.)