Escort Marketing

Escort marketing, well its effective form of it is truly key to success for any escort service. This corresponds to whether you are an independent escort or an escort agency. Basically obtaining bookings is the primary goal for them. The internet has fast become the most convenient and commonly used medium to search for information and products/services. The escort market has over the past decade taken advantage of this fact and embraced it. From escort directory listings to websites for escorts and agencies, escort marketing has become a fundamental necessity. The name of the game is driving as much targeted and quality you website traffic to your site. SEO (search engine optimization) is a formidable and strategic avenue to build up a prominent presence on major search engines. It enables escort services to drive targeted daily traffic to their site. However, there is no such thing as an overnight success story. Especially in what has proven to be a very competitive online market. There are hundreds of thousands of escorts in the UK for example. With hundreds of escort agency websites trying to appear on the first page of Google. However, online escort marketing is not just restricted to SEO. There are hundreds of adult/escort directories online and escorts/agencies hire webmasters/internet marketing specialists to help them feature on them. You have to truly understand the core dynamics and time frames major search engines operate in. Especially Google which has several key algorithm updates a year which relate to certain fundamental aspects of your website and SEO quality.

What is an excellent starting point. Well, to hire an escort marketing specialist is key. One who is proven in their quality of work, has an excellent track record and whose achievements are visible for you to check in real-time. The first step will be to brainstorm all the key attributes and core aspects of the service. A professional and proven escort marketing company can work with you. They will ensure to formulate all those key aspects into rich, informative and uniquely natural content. These experts work with escort service managers on a daily basis to determine the best targeted keywords that directly relate to services they provide. It is not a guessing game as getting the keywords correct basically strongest the platform to build a marketing/SEO campaign on. Building themselves up to the point where they can effectively network through link exchanges, showcasing niche articles that benefit the whole market and forever keeping their escort site updated with fresh, up to date information. SEO is certainly not an overnight success story by any means. When it truly works it ensures success and the long term stability future of your escort service website. There are many types of online marketing which differ from on-page and off-page SEO. The focus for escorts and agencies is to drive quality daily web traffic to the website. There are even small instances where advertising away from the World Wide Web (magazines etc) could prove highly effective. However, this is a method that has become very restricted due to UK advertising laws for escort services. You simply have to know the best ways and places to advertise to achieve an effective marketing result.

What is really interesting is how many escort services are taking to social media. The vast majority of social media platforms do not allow people to advertise escort or adult services. Many agencies have found a medium to not just market their service, but also effectively recruit for it. Obviously this has led to many important debates to see if it is a medium they should actually be using to advertise. Also, some social media websites have not been as vocal as they should be about this issue. Maybe their continued silence could actually be quiet action in process. Maybe they do not mind that their platform is being used for escort marketing purposes. Who knows? However, what is undeniably clear to see is a massive rise over recent years in independent escorts and escort agencies featuring their services on them. Facebook and Twitter now have many escort services using their website for self-promotion. However, these platforms have clear guidelines that do not allow such activity. It is easy to see that these things can slip through the gap and many escort service promotion from its users are subsequently removed when they are found. Escorts simply try their luck with this form of escort marketing until their page gets removed and their account is suspended by these platforms.

Escort Directory Marketing

Another aspect of marketing escort services is to advertise on prominent escort-related websites. This can be seen as a cost-effective way for escort services to connect to potential clientele. Escort directories which feature for top escort-related keywords always effective places to advertise. The flip side is bad SEO practices which many people do which is to purchase escort links for SEO purposes. This destroys the integrity and fairness of the online market. On a different note please support our important campaign for escort agencies Against Paid Escort Links . We want to raise the awareness of this really unfair and bad marketing practice. Many agencies, certainly for visual prominence in the online escort industry purchase many banner advertisements (ads). So everybody can see the usual agencies dominate each top directory with their banner at the top of the page. It follows the same pattern, as the beginning of every year these very same agencies, take up the most premium advertising spots. Usually it are the ones who have the biggest escorting marketing budget. However, many agencies simply do not do enough directory advertising. It is all about forming professional relationships with the escort directory owners and getting your adverts in quickly before other competitors. Some directories (who will remain nameless) often sell text links to the highest bidder. The highest bidder often being the agencies ranked highest in the Google "SERPS". Is that fair? NO. Is that life? YES

Magazine / Newspaper Escort Marketing

There are some publications that get distributed periodically to hotels and casinos that are magazines showcasing escort agencies and services. Some of the biggest recently have shut down for various reasons. Being in an age where the first place you think to market is the internet, traditional marketing in newspapers and magazines have been hit by certain laws. However, there are still publications that produce magazines, that feature escort services. There was a big thing a few years ago where newspaper editors where threatened with prosecution if they ran escort ads. However, when you see a certain government backed website offer escort agency career advice, it all seems a bit muddled; don't you think?

To market an escort website effectively takes total professionalism, expert knowledge and much patience. If you embark on SEO, always use good SEO practices.