Escort Service & The Internet

2017 and certainly heading into 2018 sees the internet as the driving force of the escort industry. The birth of the internet especially for online businesses that saw e-commerce sites were a revolutionary way to promote themselves and products /service; escorts and escort agencies soon saw the massive potential. Gone were the phonecards in phone boxes and in came the very flash websites with online photo galleries, full of information. Phone boxes used to be the method escorts and agencies used to advertise their services. Newspapers had many escort adverts until regulation put a stop to it. Escort services have used the internet to reach potentially millions of prospective clientele. They can log in in the comfort of their own home or on their phone and search for escort services that they desire. The element gives the whole element of privacy and discretion. People feel comfortable, confident and in a way safeguarded looking for services online. Agencies were able to showcase their escorts in an aesthetically appealing and effective way. Clients could see pictures of escorts they wanted to book and find out a bit more about the lady reading her description. If you are too shy to call an agency up, some agencies take e-mail bookings. that would not have been able before the internet.

There needed to be a medium for escorts and agencies to exist all in one easily accessible place. As there is market for this online, you can see emergence of escort directories who sell advertising to escorts and agencies. they will ensure that they propel themselves up the major search engines to rank for escort related search terms. Escorts and agencies alike will flock to advertise on them for the exposure. Escorting online is a big business. It has made escort agencies very big business and created a whole market seemingly overnight, with new escorts and agencies popping up every week on the internet. Independent escorts can advertise themselves for free on some directories and websites online. So it enables people to become self employed as an escort and have a second income or even main income, if they are doing so well.

The Controversy

The escort industry has not lacked controversy over the past decade. Many agencies and independents have taken to social media to promote their services. The problem is that many of these websites carry adult content. By posting information and pictures to adult content, you can s a problem in that itself. Much of the content on social media of this nature remains and many do not highlight the fact there are links to adult content. the other big talking point is escort agencies using social media to recruit. There is a grey area on such social media websites when it comes to their terms and conditions. In the media recently the whole 'Twitter' debate has been widely reported. In America it has even seen Congress launching an investigation about how escort services are using Twitter to promote themselves. To read an article on it click here.

Here are the most important areas escorts think of when they want to appear on the internet:

Escort Photography - Every escort website has a gallery where the escort puts pictures of themselves on for potential clientele to browse through. Now the quality of these pictures are down to what photography company they use. There are specialist adult photographers out there who specialise in taking escort pictures. The best are obviously the most pricey. When it comes to taking the pictures you should ensure that you have your hair, make up and clothing ready. Any good photographer can direct the photo shoot with ease. You may want to have a certain image, so to be different you can think about certain locations. You may not want your pictures to be taken in a studio. Maybe a park, hotel or luxury apartment could suit you better? Sleek Shots is a leading escort and glamour photography company. You should check out their website.

Escort Web Design - If you want to showcase your services on the web then you will need a website. Many escorts turn to professional web designers to create them a website. Agencies often opt for escort CMS systems, so they can control the content on their website. There are so many things to think about when designing the website. From colours, style, logo and site structure. You should sit down with your web designer and run through some ideas. Some can actually knock you up a demo design, so you can see if you like their quality. Escort FX is a good web design company for escort websites.

Escort SEO - It can become very competitive on search engines with everybody competing for top positions. SEO is there a very important aspect for their marketing, especially for agencies. It is all about strategy and it can be all too easy to get lost in keywords. It is all about having a dynamic, informative site with nice features and high quality content. Don't just think of search engines, think of people visiting your site. With that mind-set, you are sure to get high up the "serps".

Social Media - Everybody is using it; especially businesses. So escorts are no exception and have jumped on the bandwagon big time. There is big debate about whether social media is the right forum for the market. Recently there were many news stories how Twitter is being used by escort agencies. The problem is within their posts they link to adult content and not every one puts a warning. Facebook was the first port of call for many.

A brilliant resource for escorts (whether they are new or experienced) is a website called SAAFE. It is a rich informational resource that provide support, advice and an online community for escorts. They have a very interesting forum where they discuss important topics. From warning against dangerous clients to debates about matters in the news.

Like so many markets, the escort market included; the internet has created a boom for the industry, but it has now become very highly competitive online.