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September 2020 - October 2020 Update - Are you a lesbian or bi-curious woman who has been slightly hesitant booking a lesbian escort service? Have you backed out at the very last second? You could really challenge yourself over the next couple of weeks and take that monumental leap into an experience of a lifetime. Our highly intriguing 'First Booking Challenge' will hopefully inspire you. If you book with First Call Escorts as a first time client then you will receive an amazing surprise. So do not miss out!

Modern dating has gone through a massive change. Heading into 2020 the internet and technology gives people access to a new horizon of human interaction. This collectively energetic and dramatic shift in people's expectations, possibilities and desires have shifted taboos. Society has become more open-minded, even if its behind closed doors. Are you a lesbian lady looking for very elegant escort dates with lesbian escorts? Our luxurious and adventurous companionship only discreet outcalls are the ideal solution. Our fabulous escort agency showcases the attractive, intelligent, open minded and sensually confident beauties in London. Our outcalls also are available in selected UK regions. They are committed and driven to accompanying lesbian women to VIP private events and also providing discreet fun company. If you are a city professional who has a busy schedule then our specialist escort service options are perfect for you. They are bespoke in many ways, tailored to your individual dating requirements.

Special Update* - The UK is a really resilient country and everybody has shown their strength dealing with this global pandemic which has led to lockdown and social distancing. Supporting our health workers is key to saving lives. Special thanks goes out to all involved keeping everybody safe and looking after the most vulnerable and people suffering from ill health.

Do you seek the relaxing and friendly company of highly attractive beauty for a relaxing quiet evening in? For individuals who love to socialise, you can book a lesbian escort to accompany after work to join you for a quiet drink. Maybe you have never been to a lesbian friendly bar and you require somebody to go with you. Rest assured the VIP companion you choose will ensure you enjoy your evening out. If you enjoy fine dining experiences then choose a romantic VIP dinner date companion Maybe you are feeling a little anxious about an office party that is on the horizon. Have you procrastinated about visiting a lesbian friendly pub/club/bar, but have lacked the confidence? Well, our sensationally beautiful lesbian escorts provide an intensely adventurous companionship only escort service throughout London and selected UK regions. This amazingly romantically inspired and luxurious private outcall service caters for your discreet classy bespoke dating needs as a lesbian woman. Our London escort agency is bitterly disappointed that the UK escort industry doesn't have more female companionship options - especially throughout the United Kingdom. However, online you'll see a wide selection of independents and agencies. Heading into the year 2020 there does seem a shift is on the horizon.

Are You A Woman Who Is Felling Confused About Their Sexuality?
There is a notable rising percentage of women who have have previously experienced heterosexual relationships and now want female companionship. Many of these women have come to the realization that they have always being attracted to women. Have they ever had the ability or support around them to talk through these issues. Encountering what can feel like taboo or conflicting feelings is very challenging. A period of confusion sets in and it can be quite distressing for people. Naturally there is a level of apprehension in confiding these inner feelings to close friends or family. All it takes is seeing negative reactions of people confiding in others to never disclose ones identity/true sexuality. Encountering this realization about ones sexuality is a life changing experience. If you have never experienced a romantic relationship with a woman before, choosing to explore your new found feelings can be very daunting. You arrive at a crossroads where you have to decide if you want to identify as a lesbian woman. A litmus test many women use is trying the online dating scene. For many it can create more issues and adds to the stress of this new life direction. Some women decide to take small steps by experiencing general female company. Our lesbian escorts find that many of their female clients really want to open up about their problems and worries. Our discreet companions are very understanding and are great listeners. Britain has an interesting relationship to what can be perceived as being taboo. There are sparks of liberation from an old way of thinking, especially when it comes to sexuality and dating. Today, lesbian women can easily (openly or discreetly) experience a date with an attractive lady. Whether it is going out for a drink, a meal or to the cinemas to watch a film. Our exciting London based agency has many VIP outcall options. So you can embark of a wild night of luxurious partying at a top VIP nightclub with your escort date. Many more women today are encountering this new dating experience and finding it really liberating.

Our very classy outcalls start from only £120 (for the first hour). Then if you choose to continue your date it is £100 for per additional hour. Even though we are not the cheapest agency in London we pride ourselves on our cheap escort rates and quality of service. Take a peek at our extensive online portfolio to find your dream lesbian escort. There you will find interesting and in-depth information about your chosen lady. A very beautiful photo gallery awaits where you can see a selection of pictures. You can find out all about their outcall rates and read reviews. Each of these exceptionally confident beauties are very outgoing, adventurous and elegant. They have amazing personalities and uniquely very down to earth people. They all genuinely adore the experience of a relaxed and old fashioned romantic date. Being in the company of such a sexy and graceful lady is such a memorable experience. These exceptionally beauteous women can be really flirtatious and their imagination is full of adventure. These sexy lesbian escorts have a real eye for fashion and always look their very best. They fully respect your total right for privacy and never break your confidence. So you can simply just smile, enjoy laughter, lighthearted conversation and most importantly have lots fun in their amazing company.

Lesbian Escorts Of The Month (Allice, Ollivia, Lorelle, Destiny, Vitally and Vanesa)

Roxane - Tall Busty Englsh Lesbian Dominatrix Escort Ollivia - VIP Lesbian Party Girl EscortLorelle - 36G Super Busty Black Lesbian EscortDestiny - VIP Black British Escort Vitally - 36DD Super Busty Lesbian EscortVanesa - VIP Czech Escort In North London

Roxane is a naturally busty, vivacious and highly confident tall English beauty. She has a very open-minded approach to life and a spark of naughtiness to her sense of humour. This sexy English lesbian escort beauty provides a unique dominatrix inspired companionship only outcall date. She is a very sensually confident lady who knows what she wants out of life. Roxane is real go-getter and sees every day as an opportunity to experience the luxury life can offer. She leads a very healthy lifestyle and as you can see she has a perfectly slim figure. This dark haired intensely attractive beauty likes to keep in shape. She loves fun conversation and is a great listener. There is a powerful elegance to her, a powerful sophistication within her aura that makes everybody naturally relaxed around her. She loves going for a night out of adventure, partying and excitement. Her very discreet visiting outcalls are so entertaining and classy. Roxane has such a captivating and interesting personality. Her company inspires you to have fun and start enjoying life more.

Ollivia is an elegant and exceptionally mysterious brunette lesbian escort from the land of the 'Big Apple'. She has such a creative brain and her imagination runs riot , when it comes to taking life head on as one big adventure. She is one of the most highly attractive and romantic lesbian escorts you're ever going to meet. Her really intense hazel eyes, perfect smile and amazing sense humour will make you instantly fall in love with her. Her insanely perfectly shaped figure ensures she looks like a modern day goddess in every outfit she wears. Her aura radiates a powerful sensual confidence that makes all women instantly attracted to her. It is common for women to see Ollivia for the first time and just stop to stare at her in hypnotic amazement. Ollivia is highly fashionable lady who is a really luxurious who is the true 'VIP party companion'. Her focus is to guarantee you experience the most memorable and fun lesbian companionship only outcall ever. All of our outcalls have that unique romantic edge to them. If you're a really affluent lady seeking a exclusive, private VIP discreet date, then this beauty is your ideal choice. Her hazel eyes are a deep sea of beauty that you will want to stare into always.

Lorelle is super busty, sensationally curvaceous, British black lesbian escort with a whopping 36G cleavage. This electrifying British ebony babe has a perfect arrangement of curves! She is the eye candy who you definitely want to be seen with to boost your confidence. Lorelle is a very elegant lady who loves all if life's luxuries. She is very comfortable in affluent surroundings and has an extensive wardrobe of designer label outfits. She always dresses with style, flamboyance and elegance. Her sexy commanding presence will leave you captivated. She is the ideal VIP shopping companion. If you are looking to go the most swanky LGBT then you will want Lorelle as your date. She is a VIP party girl escort who knows how to have a good time. Accustomed to the VIP experience, this ebony beauty is the perfect elite date for elite occasions.

Destiny is a fiery, mesmerising and chic black British escort in London. This sensationally curvaceous 'big black booty' lesbian escort has a very captivating, sensually confident aura about her. You will be instantly taken aback by just how naturally beautiful and intelligent she is. Destiny is aptly named and you will discover that you were destined to meet such an irresistible beauty. Gracing the most exclusively elite clubs in Central London is something this ebony princess is accustomed to. Her flamboyantly stylish elegant dress sense makes her one of the most in demand lesbian escorts in the UK. She is a supremely attentive GFE companion. Her discreet visiting outcalls are the most luxurious in the city. For exclusive VIP outcalls, rates start from only £140. You will be transported into a world of intense excitement and total bliss when you are in her adventurous company. This is because this perfectly curvaceous ebony beauty is quite simply the epitome of elegance.

Vitally is an intensely 33DD super busty Eastern European beauty whose looks leave top models jealous. She has the most intense green eyes, a figure of absolute perfection and a magnetic, intriguing personality. Out of all the VIP lesbian escorts in London, this elegant beauty has graced some of the most luxurious parties. She is really hot eye candy and her strict beauty regime maintains her absolute attractiveness. This slim European babe is a very charming and attentive date. The ultimate luxury shopping companion, she has the perfect eye for fashion and a designer wardrobe to prove it. Her discreet and engaging company will inspire you to have more fun in your life. She is simply every woman's dream female date. Book an exclusive outcall with this sensational brunette today.

Vanesa is petite, breathtakingly attractive and elegant VIP Czech lesbian escort who really embraces discreet dating. She is a really confident woman whose friendly and outgoing personality makes you feel at ease in her presence. She has a a wonderful sense of adventure; Vanesa always finds new ways to have fun. Being centre of attention is normal for this beauty because she has that pizazz about her. Vanesa isn't only a pretty face; this perfectly slim beauty is a highly intelligent woman. There is a special spark of intense flamboyance about Vanesa that makes her so alluring. She is perfect company for a short break or weekend away. So if you are Londoner looking to escape the city for the countryside why not book this petite beauty as your weekend date. Vanesa has a figure that every woman is very jealous of. She loves going to the gym and always keeps in perfect shape. If you love fine dining experiences and do not want to dine alone then book this Czech beauty as your VIP dinner date companion in London. Maybe you are looking a wild night of partying. Well, she is a very fun VIP party girl escort companion. Where there is an exclusive party in London, she is sure to get a VIP invitation. Conversation easily flows in her company and you will naturally feel relaxed in her fabulous presence.


VIP Lesbian Escorts Of The Month (Melissa, Scarlett, Dani, Maddison & Abbie)

  • Lea - English Role Play Lesbian Dominatrix EscortScarlett - VIP Blonde English EscortVIP Australian Escort In ArchwayMaddison - Tall 36DD Busty English EscortAbbie - 34E Super Busty Blonde English Escort
    Lea - You will not meet a more open-minded, daring and sexy English lesbian escort. She provides the most adventurous and memorable companionship only role play outcalls in London. She has buckets of charisma and excitement about her. Her dominatrix inspired lesbian outcalls are intensely fun and you will not want your outcall to come to an end. Lea is part of the the sexiest lesbian escort duo in the UK. This sensually confident English brunette escort is the ideal fantasy date for VIP businesswomen who want to encounter more exciting dating experiences. She absolutely adores the finest champagne and is a real party animal. She is a very romantic, attentive and fun loving dare. She has a special and flamboyant collection of sexy designer outfits. If you are feeling very stressed out from work, general life or relationships, then Lea will help you take your mind off your worries.
  • Scarlett - This mature, sexy, petite and very vivacious blonde English lady is the epitome of sophistication. A very adventurous blonde VIP party girl escort, Scarlett leads lavish lifestyle where she is the centre of attention
  • Dani - This very sensually confident and intelligent mature Australian brunette beauty is the most classy date you'll encounter. She has a very naughty imagination and is the perfect listener. This very romantic VIP dinner date companion has a very stylish appearance
  • Maddison - Out of all the English lesbian escorts in the UK, Maddison has that special breathtaking beauty that leaves you lost for words. This naturally super busty 36DD English beauty is every woman's dream woman.
  • Abbie is a 34E super busty blonde English VIP companion who commands respect wherever she goes. This supremely buxom and super sexy blonde babe has the most perfectly shaped derrière in existence. Her powerfully confident sexy presence will make you feel like a star when you're in her company. Abbie is a really attentive companion and a very down to earth lady. She is a true VIP and loves to to party at the luxuriously exclusive venues. Abbie is so easy to talk to and is true romantic at heart. She provides the sexiest companionship only 'girlfriend experience' inspired outcall in the city.

Do you have an upcoming VIP party or event and require a very classy lady as your discreet date? First Call Escorts is one part of a small handful of UK escort agencies who provide genuine lesbian escort services . Our breathtakingly beautiful escorts don't masquerade as lesbians, but are the 'real deal'. There are many bisexual escorts who provide this outcall option as well. It is simply up to you who you select as your date. Our agency provides the most discreet outcalls throughout London that have a wonderfully bespoke element to them. Do you require a very smart, elegant and outgoing lesbian lady to accompany you to a VIP party, event or function? Maybe you just need some friendly company to enjoy a few relaxing after work drinks or some lighthearted fun conversation on a weekday evening? We really do showcase on our website the most glamorous and sexiest lesbian escorts in London.

Escort Directories

There are a few online directories who showcase lesbian female companions who provide discreet escort services throughout London. Here are some who have some very good reviews on the world wide web. They are:

World Escort Map - This escort directory lists thousands of very attractive independent escorts in the London and the UK. This website seems to list some of the most beautiful bisexual ladies in London. There are many VIP listings with escort rates listed as 'expensive' as ( £500 per hour) for really exclusive VIP companionship.

Lesbian Escort Services

Our highly dedicated escort agency has a huge selection of lesbian visiting/outcall services for classy female clientele. Whatever your luxurious VIP companionship only needs, we try our very best to match you an ideal dating option. They are as follows:

Lesbian Duo - This 'one of a kind' and very unique outcall option is really growing in popularity. Why not book the intensely adventurous and fun companionship of two elegant beauties today? This outcall option is always convenient if you seek to socialise as part of a group enjoying an evening out. Like the saying always goes; two is company and three is definitely a crowd. This very lavish and luxury companionship only option is ideal for a celebration. So if you are celebrating a special occasion like a job promotion or a birthday, this escort service will bring so much enjoyment to your day. Do you like going to the the most swanky LGBT pubs, bars and clubs in the city? To make the experience that even more memorable, you should book a date with a sexy escort duo.

Fetish Escorts - The outcall is the wildest and most adventurous fetish inspired lesbian escort service in all of London. These intensely fun discreet dates include a very classy escort accompanying you to London's most exclusive fetish clubs. London is the city that can boast the most exclusive and luxurious fetish clubs in all of Europe. If you are quite new to this scene then this very daring and exciting companionship only option is ideal for you. The idea of attending a club on your own f can be a very daunting thought. The best solution call our escort agency today and we can match you with a specialist lesbian escort. This discreet escort service option service is not restricted to VIP events or occasions. You can also book a beautiful lesbian escort companion for all your discreet private companionship only dating needs.

VIP Party Girls - Are you a woman who is accustomed to only partying in absolute luxury? Do you require the most exciting, highly fashionable and adventurous, beautiful company for a VIP evening out? Our amazing agency has the hottest female 'eye candy' in the UK. These very elegant and visually stylish ladies simply love to party like VIPs. They are accustomed to being the centre of attention and you will love being n their spotlight. Book a VIP section at your favourite luxury club and then get the most expensive bottles of champagne, to get the evening started.


First Call Escorts showcases on its website the most buxom, naturally busty escorts in London. Natural DD sexy lesbians who have impressive cleavages. How many other escort agencies showcase such breathtakingly beautiful and sexy British Indian beauties? If you have a special preference we will do our very best to match you with the most sensationally busty lady of your dreams.

What Areas Are Covered By Our Agency?

London is a very important and exciting city on the global stage. There are so many affluent and diverse areas and regions. You will find all of our private outcalls are available throughout North, South, East, West, Central London. Central and North London regions provide perfect VIP & elite companionship only options. They are further explained follows:

  • Lesbian Escorts In Soho - An exiting and c specialist outcall service which is exclusive the Soho region. There are plenty of swanky lesbian bars in the London area. Your elegant date is very accustomed to partying at the most exclusive clubs, pubs and bars in Soho. Why not arrange a date so they can meet you after work one weekday evening or on the weekend? Together you can both discreetly experience the fabulous and exciting atmosphere Soho has to offer. Alternatively you could choose to book a romantic fine dining experience at a top Soho restaurant.
  • Lesbian Escorts In Swiss Cottage - This famous North London region has some of the best pubs and bistros in the city. If you are local to that area why not book a discreet outcall and start enjoying life for once? These highly fashionable and elegant beauties provide a very discreet lesbian GFE experience.


The Telegraph a very interesting online article that highlights the interesting subject of lesbian escort agencies. It provides a brilliant insight into the lives of escort clients and escorts. It also highlights the rise in specific lesbian companionship services. Click here to read their article. Please note the information in this online article does not represent or reflect how our escort agency is run or how it operates.

Lesbian Bars

You may want to take your beautiful date on a very exciting and romantic evening out. There are so many VIP clubs/bars in the city that are very friendly and they all have a lovely atmosphere.

Please note: First Call Escorts have no affiliation with any of the places/companies listed on this page on anywhere else on this website. These places are simply highly recommended on the internet.

(Blush) - 8 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 6BD (A very lively, fun, vibrant lesbian bar, open to all. Chic, pink interior and a massive beer garden.
(Kandy Kubar Girls) - 4 Carlisle Street, London, W1D 3BJ